Kinetic Couch Table Made of Solid Wood Draws Decorative Patterns in Sand

A particularly original coffee table design designer Bruce Shapiro has come up. The wooden coffee table is not an ordinary couch table. At first sight it does not seem to be different from other wood tables: the couch is round and has a glass top and table legs made of metal or wood. But something is happening with which one hardly expects.

The coffee table in solid wood starts by itself to draw patterns in the region lying in the sand. You do not believe it? Then read on!

Contemporary couch table made of solid wood

Beside the sand is only a ball to see and just this ball draws the beautiful patterns in the sand. But how does this solid wood dining table work? The marble is controlled by means of a robot, which consists of two motors and is located under the sand in the housing. The motors are again controlled by the so-called Raspberry Pie computer, in which the different patterns are stored. This is basically to compare with an MP3 player that has stored different songs. You yourself control the table via an app.

Cozy table made of solid wood with a Zen flair

Unfortunately the couch table made of solid wood is still in work. The designer hopes to be able to complete his project, which he has been working on for 20 years, through sponsors. In addition to the couch table in three versions, Shapiro also produces a side table. All tables have an attractive, indirect lighting, which makes the patterns even more effective. Who would like to contribute to kickstarter to the completion of the tables.

Solid wood in different colors

The name of the table “Sisyphus” is not chosen by chance. Sisyphus is a figure from the Greek mythology, which was punished by the gods, by having to roll up a hill for a time. Before reaching the summit, however, the rock rolls back into the valley. At the solid wood couch, a metal ball rolled over the sand again, creating patterns. The inspiration, which the designer has received through the legend, pleases us in any case very well.