LED Flashlight CREE X960 2 Levels Lighting

A powerful CREE LED torch that produces impressive light for a pocket-size lamp, powerful enough to replace your standard-size flashlight. It has an adjustable head to focus the light into a narrow beam, to find small objects in very obscure places, or to increase the diameter of the beam for large indoor or outdoor spaces.

A LED CREE Q3 in this LED torch, the result is an incredible luminous power of 160 lumens. The most amazing is that this power comes out of a torch of compact format. The design is really optimized, the lens is specially shaped and the reflector optimized to achieve this impressive result despite its compact design. The body of this LED torch is anodized aluminum for exceptional durability even in the most demanding environments.
So if you are camping, exploring in a cave, etc., it will offer you exceptional lighting performance when you need it most.

A click button allows you to choose between 3 different light settings: low light, high light or flash (in case of emergency). In high lighting, the batteries last up to 5 hours on a full charge and on low lighting, they can last up to 12 hours non-stop. In addition, the powerful LED included in this torch has a lifetime of more than 50000 hours, or more than 5 years of non-stop use!
LED Transmitter Type CREE:Q3
LED Lifetime:50000 hours
Black color
Lighting functions:
SOS (slow flashing)
Power source:18650 rechargeable battery (included)
Battery capacity:2400mAh
Dimensions:108 mm long x 32 mm diameterDelivered with: Rechargeable battery 18650
Battery charger 100240V