Ludlow, Massachusetts

Ludlow, Massachusetts is a small town located in Hampden County, with a population of 21,103 as of the 2010 census. See health-beauty-guides for top counties in Massachusetts. The town is situated in the Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts and is bordered by Wilbraham and Hampden to the north, Springfield to the east, and East Longmeadow to the south.

The climate in Ludlow is considered humid continental due to its location in New England. Summers are generally hot and humid while winters are cold and snowy. Average temperatures range from around 30 degrees Fahrenheit in January to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in July.

Ludlow has a rich history that dates back to its incorporation as a town in 1774. It was first settled by English colonists who were attracted by its fertile soil and waterways that provided access to local markets. During the 19th century, Ludlow served as an important manufacturing center for textiles and paper products. The town also had several important mills along the Chicopee River which were powered by waterwheels.

Politically, Ludlow has traditionally been dominated by Republicans but recently has seen an increase in Democratic voters due to its increasing population of immigrants from Central America and South America. This trend has led to more progressive policies being passed at both local and state levels such as increasing support for public education funding and increasing taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations.

Economically, Ludlow is largely dependent on the service sector with many residents working at local restaurants or retail stores or commuting into nearby cities for higher-paying jobs. There are also several small businesses operating within city limits that provide goods or services locally such as auto repair shops or small grocery stores.

Education wise, Ludlow is served by three public school districts: Ludlow Public Schools (K-12), Minnechaug Regional School District (6-12), and Wilbraham & Monson Academy (K-12). There are also several private schools located within city limits such as St Elizabeth’s School (K-8) or St Mary’s High School (9-12).

Finally, there are several notable landmarks located within Ludlow including: The Old Stone Church (1818), which is one of the oldest churches still standing in Massachusetts; The Veterans Memorial Park; The Town Hall; The Memorial Library; And two historic mills along the Chicopee River – The Cheney Mill (1825) And The Woods Mill (1890).

Population: 21,209. Estimated population in July 2020: 21,946 (+3.5% change)
Males: 10,904 (51.4%), Females: 10,305 (48.6%)

Median resident age: 38.5 years
Median household income: $47,002
Median house value: $127,300

Races in Ludlow:

  • White Non-Hispanic (89.7%)
  • Hispanic (6.5%)
  • Black (2.0%)
  • Two or more races (1.2%)

(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

Ancestries: Portuguese (21.2%), Polish (16.8%), French (14.5%), Irish (12.7%), Italian (9.1%), French Canadian (8.5%).

Ludlow, Massachusetts


Ludlow, Massachusetts is a small town located in Hampden County with a population of roughly 21,000. The town is situated in the Pioneer Valley and is considered part of the Springfield metropolitan area. The median household income in Ludlow is around $55,000 while the median home value sits at $232,900. The cost of living in Ludlow is slightly lower than the national average and higher than some of its neighboring towns.

The town offers many amenities to residents such as shopping centers, restaurants, and parks. Public transportation options are limited but there are still some buses that run through town and into nearby Springfield. There are also plenty of schools available for students from elementary to high school.

For those looking to purchase a home in Ludlow, the median price range is between $220,000 and $250,000 depending on size and location. Renters will find that rent prices range from about $1,200 for a one bedroom apartment to around $2,000 for a three bedroom house depending on location and amenities offered. Utilities tend to be on the higher side due to Ludlow’s distance from major cities with higher competition for services such as gas and electricity.

For population 25 years and over in Ludlow

  • High school or higher: 75.2%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 14.8%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 4.6%
  • Unemployed: 3.6%
  • Mean travel time to work: 21.3 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Ludlow town

  • Never married: 22.7%
  • Now married: 60.5%
  • Separated: 1.9%
  • Widowed: 7.3%
  • Divorced: 7.7%

14.7% Foreign born (12.9% Europe).


Hospital/medical center in Ludlow:


Other hospitals/medical centers near Ludlow:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Ludlow:

  • WORCESTER REGIONAL (about 3 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Abbreviation: ORH)
  • LAURENCE G HANSCOM FLD (about 43 miles; BEDFORD, MA; Abbreviation: BED)
  • THEODORE FRANCIS GREEN STATE (about 47 miles; PROVIDENCE, RI; Abbreviation: PVD)

Other public-use airports nearest to Ludlow:

  • OXFORD (about 7 miles; OXFORD, MA; Abbreviation: 43M)
  • SPENCER (about 8 miles; SPENCER, MA; Abbreviation: 60M)
  • STERLING (about 13 miles; STERLING, MA; Abbreviation: 3B3)

Amtrak station near Ludlow:

  • 5 miles: WORCESTER (WORCHESTER, 45 SHREWSBURY ST.). Services: ticket office, fully wheelchair accessible, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, vending machines, free short-term parking, free long-term parking, call for taxi service, public transit connection.

Colleges and Universities

College/University in Ludlow:

  • JOLIE HAIR AND BEAUTY ACADEMY (Full-time enrollment: 29; Location: 44 SEWALL STREET; Private, for-profit)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Ludlow:

  • WORCESTER STATE COLLEGE (about 3 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,846)
  • COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS (about 3 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Full-time enrollment: 2,808)
  • CLARK UNIVERSITY (about 3 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Full-time enrollment: 2,563)
  • WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE (about 4 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,426)
  • ASSUMPTION COLLEGE (about 4 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Full-time enrollment: 2,356)
  • QUINSIGAMOND COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 7 miles; WORCESTER, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,359)
  • FITCHBURG STATE COLLEGE (about 24 miles; FITCHBURG, MA; Full-time enrollment: 3,660)


Public high school in Ludlow:

  • LUDLOW SENIOR HIGH (Students: 983; Location: 500 CHAPIN STREET; Grades: 09 – 12)

Public primary/middle schools in Ludlow:

  • PAUL R BAIRD MIDDLE (Students: 799; Location: ONE ROONEY ROAD; Grades: 06 – 08)
  • EAST STREET (Students: 478; Location: 508 EAST STREET; Grades: KG – 05)
  • VETERANS PARK ELEM (Students: 397; Location: 486 CHAPIN STREET; Grades: KG – 05)
  • CHAPIN ELEMENTARY (Students: 335; Location: 766 CHAPIN STREET; Grades: KG – 05)
  • LUDLOW ECC (Students: 85; Location: 54 WINSOR STREET; Grades: PK – PK)

Private primary/middle school in Ludlow:

  • ST JOHN THE BAPTIST ELEM SCH (Students: 261; Location: 217 HUBBARD; Grades: PK – 8)


Library in Ludlow:

  • HUBBARD MEMORIAL LIBRARY (Operating income: $305,418; Location: 24 CENTER STREET; 49,533 books; 1,484 audio materials; 1,504 video materials; 144 serial subscriptions)