Merrimack County, New Hampshire Weather

Merrimack County, New Hampshire is located in the South Central region of the state and is bordered by Hillsborough County to the east, Rockingham County to the south, and Sullivan County to the north. According to 2020 census estimates, Merrimack County has a population of 151,000 people. The county seat is Concord, which is also the state capital.

According to, the history of Merrimack County dates back to 1761 when it was first incorporated by Governor Benning Wentworth. It was named after the Merrimack River which flows through it and has been an important source of transportation and energy for the area since colonial times. The county has played a significant role in many historical events including hosting Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 presidential campaign speech and being home to many Revolutionary War battles such as Bunker Hill and Lexington.

Today, Merrimack County is a popular destination for visitors due to its abundance of attractions such as museums, historic sites, theaters, parks, gardens and more. Some notable attractions include The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center which offers interactive exhibits about space exploration; Canterbury Shaker Village which showcases Shaker culture; Strawbery Banke Museum which preserves colonial-era buildings; and Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm which features a working farm from 1800s New England.

Many famous people have called Merrimack County home over the years such as President Franklin Pierce who was born in Hillsborough; poet Robert Frost who lived in Derry; author J.D Salinger who grew up in Cornish; actor Rob Lowe who attended Santa Monica High School while living with his family in Amherst; as well as writers Dan Brown and Stephenie Meyer who are both from Exeter.

Climate and weather in Merrimack County, New Hampshire

According to, Merrimack County, New Hampshire experiences a humid continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. The average temperatures range from a low of 10°F in the winter to a high of 82°F in the summer. The county also experiences four distinct seasons, with spring and fall being the most pleasant times of year.

The county gets an average of 42 inches of precipitation annually, with the majority falling during the summer months. Snowfall is also common in Merrimack County, with an average of 42 inches per year. Winter storms are common and can bring significant snowfall to the area.

On average, Merrimack County has approximately 200 sunny days per year. Summer days are typically sunny and warm, while winter days can be cold but still offer plenty of sunshine. The area is also known for its spectacular autumn foliage which draws visitors from all over to take in the vibrant colors that blanket the landscape each fall.

Due to its location near both mountains and ocean, Merrimack County can experience extreme weather conditions such as nor’easters that bring large amounts of snow or powerful thunderstorms which can cause flooding or damage due to high winds. While these events are rare, it is important to be prepared for them when they occur so that you can stay safe during any extreme weather event that may occur in the area.

Transportation in Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Merrimack County, New Hampshire offers a variety of transportation options for residents and visitors. The county is served by an extensive network of highways, including Interstate 93 and U.S. Route 3, which run through the county from north to south. Other major roads include New Hampshire Routes 11, 114, 111, and 101A, which all provide access to different parts of the county.

The Concord Coach Lines bus service provides regular service between Merrimack County and other points in New England. Amtrak also serves Concord with both regional and long-distance trains that connect the city with other parts of the United States.

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport serves as the main airport for Merrimack County. It is located in Manchester and provides flights to destinations across the United States as well as some international destinations. There are also several smaller airports located in the county that provide private flights for those wishing to travel by air within the area or out of state.

Public transportation within Merrimack County is provided by CART (Concord Area Transit), which operates bus routes throughout the city of Concord as well as some surrounding towns in Merrimack County. CART buses are equipped with bike racks so passengers can bring their bicycles along with them on their travels around town or out into nature.

Finally, taxi services are available throughout Merrimack County for those who need an easy way to get around town or out into nature without relying on public transportation or a personal vehicle. Taxis are available 24 hours a day at most locations throughout the county so you can always find one when you need it most.

Cities and towns in Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Merrimack County, New Hampshire is home to a variety of cities and towns, each with its own unique character and charm. The largest city in the county is Concord, which serves as the county seat and is home to many government offices as well as several historical sites and attractions. Other notable cities in Merrimack County include Franklin, Boscawen, Hooksett, Loudon, Pembroke, Bow, and Weare. See major cities in New Hampshire.

The small towns of Merrimack County are just as diverse as the larger cities. In addition to being home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in New England, these towns also offer a variety of recreational activities such as hiking trails and skiing slopes. Notable small towns in Merrimack County include Chichester, Epsom, Goffstown, New London, Pittsfield, Salisbury, and Suncook.

Each city and town in Merrimack County provides its own unique mix of amenities for residents and visitors alike. Concord is home to several museums including the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center while Franklin boasts an impressive collection of antique shops. Boscawen offers a charming downtown area with local restaurants while Hooksett features an array of outdoor recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking on nearby Lake Winnipesaukee.

No matter where you go in Merrimack County you’ll find something special that makes it worth exploring further. Whether you’re looking for a lively downtown area or a peaceful rural setting there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone in this diverse region of New Hampshire.