Open Doors: a Flat of 30 Sqm in Barcelona

The space is always one of the workhorses of all those who buy or rent a new home. All want more meters and never enough for us, so it is always a relief to see small apartments in which nothing is missing, as the flat of 30 sqm of Barcelona today I bring you.

The space is exploited to the extreme, since the ground floor is basically in a corridor. On one side they have placed a kitchen, black and steel. As the owner of the House explains in the video, the black reminds them more to a living room that a kitchen and so chose it since there is no separation with the part of salon. In the background there is a sofa bed with a low table made with a pallet and a small dining table with what would be a full lounge.

I like the detail of the seat of work that have been transformed into a bed, Although I get the feeling that has to be a bit cold by the proximity of the wall. Another solution that would have proposed them is to create extra on the seat storage space, although it would be too overwhelmed the step.

The bathroom is quite functional and space is also exploited to the extreme, but what I like the most was how have created the storage space of the bedroom. The owners of this House have placed a trunk under the bed for storage and comes with a small wardrobe which for me would be insufficient but that the owner of the House seems to work for you.

I think that after watching the video that heads this post ever I complain that I have little space at home. Would a longer you think not that one? flat of 30 sqm is it too small?


Decor and furnishings

Decor and furnishings