Open Doors: a Japanese House Low-Budget Nature-Inspired

Checking houses and both of its facades and Interior images always encounter some new that manages to surprise me. It is not necessary that it’s a very sophisticated House, on the contrary, often the greatest charm is in the natural. On this occasion I liked a house Japanese Numbers 555 precisely inspired by nature.

The House has several curious details that relate to animal houses, It has for example tunnel and is slightly recessed in the ground for a better insulation, thus Recalling somewhat a Rabbit Hutch. And inside the walls are panels of chip of wood and concrete Recalling his appearance to a bird’s nest.

We started the tour in the interior of the House by salon. As I’ve said before house shaped tunnel, is elongated, so we entered the living room and we go through one after the other rooms. In addition Builder preferred to avoid the walls and the partitions from floor to ceiling, just to separate furniture and panels.

The shape of the House doesn’t help much for distribution, or Yes, because to be elongated, the only way to put the rooms is with one after another and the logical form is Lounge, kitchen, bedroom and finally the bathroom. Lounge is quite welcoming and being connected to the outside by the glass, it is bright and with sufficient amplitude apparent.

The image above shows best what I said of the separators. The House does not have high walls and that allows the light to circulate free for all housing but mainly between the ends. In a close House, walls and interior divisions would generate feeling of claustrophobia.

Obviously there are much better than this, but the value and what is important is in you get a cozy atmosphere with a simple building and a small investment. It could be improved with more spending, but what we want in this case is to provide a low cost solution, that can come in handy to many people given the current economic situation.

After seeing more open spaces, we already reach the most private home area, in the bedroom intimacy with a panel has been highest and the White has chosen not to lose sensation of amplitude or brightness. Few furniture for a relaxing atmosphere and to invite to rest.

I love the detail of the ladder on the side of the bed that serves as a bedside table and at the same time serving to hang objects, already had seen it many times, but I think that in this case it is especially good. And the walls are still in the same material, resembling a bird’s nest and creating a more welcoming environment.

We end our tour with a detail of the staircase and the bathroom, here that a door has been included and is very modern to us and as much as you want dispense with divisions of the interior spaces, There are some that are clearly essential or at least highly recommended.

And that is all, no luxuries but the comfort enough for House can be lived by a person or a couple as a first home. If you have terrain in which to build it, it does not imply a very high expense and however allows enjoy a full home with amenities more than enough.