New Dryer Fagor Stainless Steel

Those who can afford the luxury of space and comfort, which is having a dryer at home now also will be easier combined decoration the room of washing, or kitchen, with appliances other.

A Hanger of Bird Houses

There are far longer summer days in which life develops on the outside. Excursions, long walks, sea and pool days… the station ends up being made very short and should take advantage of the Sun’s rays. Nothing to do with the autumn that concerns us, the days are shortened and made night too soon, we • Read More »

Round Dish with Two Old Molds

You have any mould would that be has spoiled coating as to the Pan’s Patch? Nothing of complaining, with two of them in different sizes and a leg of wood from old furniture you can mount you at a time a pie plate as pretty as this made by Colorín Colorado. And is that, as • Read More »

A Very Flowery Rosette

Last week we did a rosette of plaster of the most elegant in black color. Today I bring you another, fabric and a little more cheerful and flowery, but as easy. The idea is of Ashley, of the blog Make it, love it, that on this occasion has used it to adorn his new room • Read More »

Renew Your Wardrobe from Outside with Metallic Glaze

The outdoor cabinets We saved from the catastrophe on many occasions. I mean those cabinets of resin so much seen these days in the area of seasonal DIY stores, resistant and large capacity, where brooms, dusters, flowerpots and buckets they feel at home. Years ago I bought one that made me a great workaround, because • Read More »

Walls Striped for Apartments for Rent

Like rental say it is cheaper to buy a House, and I’m sure that many readers of Decoesfera are living in one House rented. The biggest problem of this type of houses for the decoadictos is that You can not be customized much without the permission of the landlord, but last year we gave you • Read More »

Remove The Violet of a Bathroom

We know that you love the posts of “ before and after & #8221; because you fill with ideas for future reforms in your House. Today I bring you a bathroom that in the “ before ” is painted violet, one of the colors that less like me in wall decoration since you usually end • Read More »

A Bouquet of Flowers with Autumn Leaves

Although the climate to work in tell us otherwise, the autumn you have arrived and trees so attest. Today I will explain how to leverage those Autumn leaves to make a “bunch of flowers” that your visits will be surprised. Already we have seen on another occasion saw something similar with Maple leaves.

Cabinets That Become Planters

I think that never would have occurred to me that these cabinets so horrible could have some sort of utility today and which were much less to be decorative, the truth which is that there are few things so ugly and the strangest thing is that although it is true that they are very old • Read More »

How to Choose Steel Wardrobes

Stainless Steel Wardrobes In many companies, employees need to change their clothes in the workplace, and when this happens, they should have a suitable place to store them in an organized and secure manner, ensuring a separation between the common clothes and the work clothes.

Glasgow: Now Is Rocked

The UK’s coolest city? For the British, no question: Glasgow. The metropolis boasts Scottish charm, great architecture and an incredible music scene From the ugly duckling has Glasgow transformed in recent years into a shimmering metropolis. Since the beginning of the 90s, the formerly moribund industrial city is experiencing a Renaissance. Restored Victorian buildings in the city center, the boom • Read More »

Westwing Guide for Aluminum Luminaire

Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminum is a versatile metal, applied in the creation of infinite accessories and utensils, especially in the universe of construction, interior design and decoration. In addition to its important chemical properties, the material is coated with oxide, which guarantees protection, beauty and durability. Innovative pieces, such as the aluminum luminaire, are born every day • Read More »

Inspirations for Creative Wall in the Nursery

Fun child room deserves creative wall! Did you only think of wallpaper? Well open your head for many more ideas. Stroll through the inspirations to make creative wall in the nursery a real joke!

# Desafiodecor2: Store Object of 1.99 Repaginado!

After the 1st. Decoration Challenge by ClubDecor,  now we have the 2nd. Challenge, which is to repaginate an object bought in those shops for $ 1.99 (which currently has nothing of $ 1.99, but it’s all cheap…).

Makeover Kitchen Ideas

Want to change the look of their kitchen without breaking everything, the furniture or her piggy bank? Nothing could be easier. Marie Claire Maison explains how it is possible to restyle his piece by changing an item only! No need of great work for all change in his kitchen. This central room of the House has enough elements to • Read More »

OLED or LED: You Should Understand These Differences

LED or OLED? Often, there is here a likelihood. But even if the two light-emitting diodes are similar in their functioning, there are some differences. And we want to look at here once more that to find out who now really is in terms of environmental performance, energy savings and co..

London Undercover X Slowboy

Making use of illustrators in their campaigns is nothing new. We told you last year about when Drake’s London sounded the Tokyobaserade artist Akira Sorimachi sketch company lookbook for Spring collection. Today we thought we view another shining example of how to combine the creative drawing with fashion in a very good way. Sambetet is • Read More »

Parque Lage Brings the Exhibition ‘Mirror Seu’

The beautiful and interesting installation of Ricardo Beker invites the visitor to interact with the work and to think about the instantaneous construction of the images. It plays with concepts very present in our daily life, such as reflection, transparency and the mazes, bringing them to the palpable world. It is a very cool experience for all • Read More »

Fenix PD35 Reviews and Ratings

After the success won by these elders, the Fenix PD 35 – 960 Lumens torch is a highly anticipated and popular addition.But then what about such a lamp designed for self-defense but which can also serve for all the uses of everyday life?But before going to the characteristics of this tactical lamp, know that it • Read More »