Guide Shelves and Bookcases: Tips, Materials and Inspirations

Being functional and decorative, shelves and bookcases can and should be used in any environment. In addition to great allies of the organization, they also help to customize the decoration of spaces, housing books, photos, home appliances and even art objects.

Decoration – Coffee Tables and Support

The reader Adriana Gonçalo gave me the idea of ​​today’s post: I’ve never talked about coffee tables specifically. So let’s talk about it! The center and support tables are essential in a living room/home theather due to its function: Attend the people sitting on the sofas, chairs and armchairs, in support of the objects they are using. It’s too • Read More »

Kitchen Design Ideas

Belief is a mobile that belongs to the tradition. A mobile that comes with the function of arranging dishes in the kitchen and utensils for daily use and soon also turns into a valuable support to put on display the best pieces of its service. The traditional belief is a mobile, then, so dear to the master of • Read More »

The Most Beautiful Gardens of the North

To look like to other people over the hedge? Then proceed to Schleswig-Holstein, where you can visit many beautiful private gardens.

Decoration Rental Apartment-Not To Spend

Of course, all I’m going to say here also serves to you who lives in rented house, but the apartments are more common these days and a lot of people renting. So the subject today is decoration rental apartment.

How to Choose a Wall Clock in No Time

There are a lot of factors involved in the choice of a wall clock for a particular room. Once you have weighed all the factors, you will come to the conclusion exactly this type of clock is the perfect match for the room.

Type of Mortar for Tile

The mortar is essential for any construction. The mixture of water, cement and sand is capable of joining waterproof materials or plain surfaces. But beware that there is a specific ideal mortar for each job. Meet the following types:

Real Cooks Use Aprons During Cooking

There are not only boilers and old ladies who use aprons when they cook. Even the most male chefs use aprons-just look at the brothers Price who have been in aprons for years to cook their tasty dishes.

Crafts with Crepe Paper

Easy crepe paper crafts The crepe paper is a very versatile material which allows us to perform many different and fun crafts. We can do from paper flowers, pom poms and even Piñatas.

Kitchen with a Shirt Apron Tutorial

Turn your old shirt into a fancy kitchen apron for tinkering and cook safely! In this tutorial apron, to make the deck shirt, you need just the front of the shirt. You can accessorize your apron with Pocket, or a bit of bias to make it perfect. This apron is a great gift for a • Read More »

Best Interior Curtains – Opinions and Prices

The Interior curtains are often the final touch we give to our homes, it’s like wearing a piece of jewellery or an accessory on clothes before going out: only one right choice and maturity will help increase the elegance, the sense of comfort and intimacy of our House. Let us see how to choose the most suitable • Read More »

Reform and Decoration – Did You Forget Something?

You imagined, planned and found the best way to distribute your furniture, equipment, add some fixtures. And it will go to retirement, right (a) it will be simple-after all, it will not break walls, it’s just a reorganization, right? It can be a bit more complicated…

Living Close to Nature

Special cabins for those who want to live the nature otherwise.

Decoration with Shelves and Niches

Using shelves is one of the means to decorate and organize the most used apartment nowadays. Leaving things scattered around the house is not an option and when your environment is small and has lots of objects, the best alternative is to use the shelves.

Watch in Decoration: Don’t Waste Your Time Anymore!

With the racing life is good to have clocks everywhere to not lose time. Clocks on the wall are fashionable, give a charm in your home. Whatever the model: modern, classic, retro or vintage and why not that of family heirlooms? Mix models. There are the digital analog, with rope, cordless, cuckoo, and grandfather without pendulum. There are also several • Read More »

Types of Bed Box: How to Choose the Best Model

Learn about the types of bed box and find out what is the ideal model for decorating your room. Comfort and strength are factors that make the difference!

Steffi and Tom-Charming Vintage Diy Wedding

A golden autumn day, colorful leaves decorate the way and the Sun is a seemingly brighter than ever before. For good reason: It ushered in the most beautiful day in the life of Steffi and Tom, which is today promise eternal love.

Original Works Art Ideas

The time has come: in a few days will end on 2015. When something comes to an end, always reckoning: the stain to some people in a state of Facebook, there are those who share it with friends (the ones in meat and bones) and then there are those who tell them to himself.