Announce Engagement – Wedding Etiquette

Newly engaged? As the happy couple stylishly announced the news, reveals “The book”. has an exclusive excerpt. In “the wedding book – label for brides and grooms, groomsmen, parents, guests ‘ author Claudia Seutter from Giżycko summarizes wedding etiquette rules by planning a wedding through the wedding day itself up to the acknowledgements (608 pages, 24.90 • Read More »

Lockwood Umbrellas

We have on Manolo on a couple of occasions written about various umbrella manufacturers such as Francesco Maglia, London Undercover Umbrellas and Fox when an umbrella is both a stylish accessory as well as a faithful friend when the weather turns.

Suggestions for Decorating a Party Table

Decorate a table of meal for a special occasion, like a family dinner, an event or a simple birthday party should be a creative process and, above all, lots of fun. The best strategy is to think about the event with some time in advance, in order to have availability to acquire and do everything I • Read More »

Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

December has arrived, those of you who have already decorated the Christmas tree? In many homes, in my so, traditionally the tree and the Nativity scene you do between Ambrose and the Immaculate. Each has its own particular taste in decorating the tree.

Gifts with the Misfortune Curse

When the clock stops… … a misfortune can happen. But do not worry-this one should be indestructible. The Rolex”Air King” made of stainless steel has a silver dial and costs about 3200 euros. Feathers bring bad dreams…

Decoration – Using Printed Fabrics

In fact it is not difficult to use fabrics embossed in the decoration. See in the photos below, how not to err in choosing colors and prints:

Bulb Fiction: This Film Does Not Throw Light

I rarely come so thoughtfully from a cinema film as this afternoon.The documentation “Bulb Fiction”takes the prohibition of the incandescent bulb as an occasion to discuss critically with its successor, the energy saving lamp.

Tip: Organization of Pictures

A lot of people have asked me how to organize the pictures in an environment. This is an issue that does not have a single answer, it depends on the environment, the style, anyway…But there are a few basic things yes:

Best Kitchen Floor:Learn How to Choose

Here’s how to choose the best kitchen floor, considering the needs of the environment, the style of the decoration and the available budget.

Tissue Paper Flowers DIY

With the arrival of spring bloom not only the grounds but also the many festivals and ceremonies. I wonder how many of you right now are looking for an original idea for their children’s parties. How about then to learn how to make tissue paper flowers for party favors or decorations DIY?

Decoration – Changing with Colors

Many people write to me asking for ideas to change an environment that is good, but “tired”.They claim that they are now finding him “bland” or not very welcoming. Of course each environment has its possible solutions and I try to help accordingly. I’ll use a photo to give an example:

Teddy Bears – Buy, Discounts, Photos

Photos and prices for you that want to buy teddy bears Who does not like to receive or buy a teddy bear with various styles and prices of teddy bears are successful with all people mainly with girls.

Kitchen Design Navy Blue

Navy Blue to turquoise, blue is a color to the thousand and one variants. In turn, color trend, chic and cosy at once, evocative of travel, blue has many reasons to be appreciated. This primary color tell cold remains timeless. Our site book you for a highly stylish blue kitchen inspirations. In the Paris apartment of the 19th • Read More »

Peppa Pig Birthday Party Decoration

Beyond Chicken Pintadinha, another cartoon character leaves the crazy mothers to decorate the birthday: the wave of the moment is the party of Peppa Pig! Get to know some ideas, inspirations and files for you to make the decorations for the birthday party of your child with the pink pig ready much confusion and make all the kids:

LED Flashlight CREE X960 2 Levels Lighting

A powerful CREE LED torch that produces impressive light for a pocket-size lamp, powerful enough to replace your standard-size flashlight. It has an adjustable head to focus the light into a narrow beam, to find small objects in very obscure places, or to increase the diameter of the beam for large indoor or outdoor spaces.

7 Shopping Malls to Take the Little Ones at Easter

Just like in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Easter means fun. The malls of Curitiba prepare special activities for the little ones on this date. Take a look at the attractions and the joy of children.

Creative Ideas for Making Calendars

The wait is the great storehouse of hope. With the mind build of tender thoughts castles and seize every moment to add a new brick. Sometimes the castle becomes really impressive and often furnish too. 

Buenos Aires Is Linked with Philips LED

Buenos Aires is again among the most interesting and best organized cities of Latin America.Thanks to this previously but as Mayor of Buenos Aires directed the fortunes of the city has especially Mauricio Macri, who is the President of the country since early December after a surprise election victory, the capital of Argentina.