Perfectly Spice up Your Furniture – Instructions and Design Tips

If you have a plan renovations want and direct the style in a new direction, you do not waive your furniture well preserved, but unsuitable for stylish new interior. Wooden furniture can easily be sanded differently and get new paint. New modern cabinet handles give every wardrobe new look.

You can use adhesive film furniture decorating materials other beautifully and give them new value.

With sponge foil furniture stylish spice up – computer table plate remodel

Highly imprinted furniture foils offer themselves abundantly in building kitchens or partly in furnishing houses. They can be attached to any smooth surface and give the old piece of furniture a new finish with little effort. The purchase in comparison with the replacement of a table top is a fast and cost-effective alternative. There is, however, the risk of attaching the adhesive film that something goes wrong. We help here with valuable tips and two instructions.

Perfectly spice up furniture – instructions

The first step before attaching the self-adhesive decofolie is the surface, is glued, carefully cleaned. Dust, grease and dirt of any kind will negatively affect the end result. Any unevenness should also be removed so that the film adheres properly. Depending on the folio design, it is possible to see clearly after the installation and to sting.

Marble Adhesive Foil Furniture Stylish remodel

Measure exactly the area you want to put on and cut the required piece of furniture foil according to these dimensions. At the back are exactly length indications marked, which can help to cut the film accurately.

Perfectly spice up the furniture – glue the adhesive film wet or dry

If the piece of adhesive is cut to size, you only have to attach it. There are two possibilities – wet or dry method. In the first case it is advisable to have a puller on hand, one is perhaps next to the shower, or optionally a hard dough screw.

Re-design furniture with adhesive film – Avoid bubbles and creases when gluing

The attachment of the film begins from one side, at an upper corner of the piece of furniture. Glue the film exactly at the corner and pull the back of the film one by one. At the same time press with the puller on the film and sweep from top to bottom towards the outer sides of the surface. Should bubbles form, repeat several times until they are removed. Then you can proceed further.

How to redesign furniture – how it works!

If you have started properly with the attachment, the rest will be as if by itself. Otherwise, you can peel off the film and try again. In the case of larger areas, it is advisable to use the wet application technique. Bubbles can be avoided by the wet gluing, since the adhesive force of the film begins only with a delay.

Stylish design tips – Marble effect thanks to adhesive film

In the case of small or oval surfaces, a cloth can be used instead of the stripper, thus exerting great pressure on the bonded surface to eliminate the bubbles.

Decorate with sponge furniture and living accessories – wall shelf

In the wet technique of applying self-adhesive films, a commercial spray bottle is required. Into this, rinsing agent or soap is mixed with water (2-3 drops of stiffness or rinsing agent are usually filled per liter of water). This self-made soap solution is used to treat the already thoroughly cleansed surface before bonding.

Before installing the adhesive film – Measure the area accurately

Of course you should measure exactly how much adhesive film is needed and cut a piece exactly. Now sprinkle the surface with the soap solution and proceed with the attachment. The film should be able to be positioned freely without sticking.

Carefully attach decorative adhesive film – with puller

Using a puller or a cloth, start strewing towards the outside in the middle of the surface and remove the excess water from the adhesive film. Be careful that sharp or sharp objects damage the film. Blow out until all bubbles and bumps are removed.

Glue the furniture up stylishly and place on contrasts

The freshly adhered film is left to rest for a day, so that the remaining water is completely removed between the film and the glued surface.

Reconstruct furniture with playful furniture – chess patterns

Dirty film can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of alcohol or acid based cleaners as they could dissolve the color print. Surfaces bonded with furniture foil must not stand in the blazing sun because the material escapes and can be peeled off easily. On the other hand, the surface is briefly treated with hot air when the film is to be peeled off.

Brush up household appliances – With adhesive film

The adhesive film is widely used to spice up different furniture and living accessories, since it can be attached to any kind of smooth surface relatively easily. The material plays no role when it is clean. Most surfaces can easily be treated with a little alcohol or a universal cleaner prior to gluing, which means that they are quickly free of grease, oil, wax and silicone.

Reconstruct furniture with adhesive foil – Light wood look

Meanwhile, the selection of furniture films no longer has any limits. High-quality finishes are such materials as wood and natural stone that they can hardly be distinguished from one another. Structured foils have the look and feel of the real wood and provide a view through their ample color selection.