Plan with a Child a Stress-Free Move – 7 Points to Note

At the pulse of time one does not spend all his life in the same place. Good, but also bad experiences with the change of residence surely made everyone in his study years. But after the family foundations it looks very different, especially when children are involved. The farewell to a familiar environment, friends and habits people feel differently.

Similarly, it is in children who are more sensitive to age. One can for good three months as long as the eviction normally take stress-free planning the move and draw the best of the situation. You will find out which points are to be considered.

Plan moving – self-organize or hire a relocation company

According to statistics draw 29% of Germans more than twice within 10 years, 25% only once during the same period and a quarter do not order. Undoubtedly, the housing or city change is exhausting and associated with a lot of stress for every member of the family. Whether you organize all the furniture, boxes and cartons yourself from the old to the new place or commission a relocation company depends on many different factors and the two variants bring advantages and disadvantages. However, the decision should be well thought out. Basically, the greatest effort is when the distance between the old and the new apartment is large. With a distance of up to 500 km, a moving service provides delivery of all furniture and relocation boxes on the same day of pick-up, which partly saves the effort of relocation. If one remains in the same city despite the move, the property Autoladung for Autoladung in the new home can easily drive itself. Many other details should also be considered:

  • Is there a suitable vehicle available – station wagon, transporter or truck, in which there would be enough room for the large pieces of furniture?
  • Are there enough helpers who will help with carrying heavy parts?
  • Do not forget that the apartment should be thoroughly cleaned after the move! If necessary, take care of the bulky waste disposal and a new painting of the walls.

Planning and organizing the move – Need support?

Trustworthy relocation companies also offer the following services, which facilitate the relocation:

  • Delivery of moving boxes
  • Helpers for packing, dismantling and assembling the furniture, carrying and delivering the crates
  • Provision of holding prohibition signs for the transport vehicle
  • Furniture or containers for foreigners
  • Cleaning of the dwelling and painting work

Planning a move – what costs will be paid to you

When moving, it is often difficult to calculate the possible costs that could be incurred. Only the selection of the appropriate vehicle can turn out to be problematic, just as its moving goods can be reduced to the actual volume unit. If the vehicle is too big, you often invest more than necessary – if the vehicle is too small, the kitchen may not fit in properly or you have to drive frequently, which can be noticed by higher fuel costs or the hire of another vehicle. A self-organized move can be cheaper than with a relocation company, but it is much more work-intensive – strong nerves, a little organization and a lot of free time will certainly be needed. Because relocation workers often have to pay attention to their finances, some companies are trying to get a more accurate overview of the emerging costs. Customers are provided with forms on the website which cover the entire budget and thus offer an offer without prior notification and inspection. With a live moving cost calculator function, as of Movinga, the blank moving expenses calculate. In telephone consultations, you get personal tips and tricks for each household to save costs. Often one can already save a lot with the right choice of the moving day.

Plan a stress-free move – for the sake of the child

Moving to a new city or even in a neighboring district is often an emotional burden for adult people who are by nature more sensitive. And although children are considered to be particularly adaptive, changing school or place has an impact on the emotional state. A recent study has investigated the impact of frequent childhood changes and found that there is a link with the low well-being of adults in the adult age. The results of the study were in the  journal of Personality and Social Psychology  published (June 2010). 7108 people between the ages of 20 and 75 have participated in the survey and have been interviewed again after 10 years. After all, frequent childhood re-education can actually lead to long-term health problems, but the risk is, in particular, introverted individuals who are less likely to emerge and social relationships are generally difficult. If your child takes the world out of the family rather shyly, children psychologists recommend paying close attention to the emotional aspect during the move, rather than focusing on unpacking and unpacking.

Plan the move and talk with the child about it

The children’s reactions can be manifold and sometimes even surprising for their parents. Depending on the age, a few things have to be taken into account, so that the offspring quickly get used to the new home and feel well there. Talk to one another and discuss the upcoming move as early as possible, as well as topics related to the future new home. Keep in mind that children can not make long conversations and they change the subject unconsciously after a few minutes. They do it unintentionally, so you have to be patient. Try to continue the discussion the next day, for example.

Plan a stress-free move and prepare children for the change

Toddlers have the strongest bond to the parents at the age of about six years and are therefore the most adaptable. The presence of their parents usually suffices to make them feel safe and secure. Children in the school age need a certain time to settle in the new school, the new residential district and the surrounding area at all. Plan a visit to the new school or kindergarten before the school begins. Planning the move in the summer holidays is therefore a great advantage, counsel psychologists.

Our tip: Involve children when moving

Stress occurs mainly when you do not understand what is happening around you. To be put before completed facts, children feel no different than adults – emotionally powerful. Involve your children in the process of relocation and give them the feeling of being needed at any time. After all, the move is a matter for them, so they should actively participate in it and not just stand apart. You can pack your own stuff, eg toys, under your own supervision. After you move into the new apartment, start with the decor and design of the children’s room and let the children help you – for example, select the wall color. Do not want to buy new furniture for the nursery, as they are a bit unknown as well as a change of habitation. Too many new things would make the familiarization process more complicated at this time. Small gestures and affectionate affection delight children and is just the right way to children’s heart. Take your time and effort to create a sense of familiarity and security for your child in the new home rather than investing all the forces into the organization of the move.