Pots for Cacti with Thread Color and Recycled Glass Jars

A house without cactus is not a Kookie. If still you have not purchased one to decorate your living room, your kitchen or any of the rooms of your House you can already run away to find a few, da same as Cacti come in horrible plastic pots, then you tuneas them or prepare new ones.

The reality is that many of those we love decoration, for lack of time, patience or mana, fatal given us plants, but we know that there is something alive and vegetable to have at home to make it trendy. So has happened to put fashion cacti because they are very resistant and therefore easier to care for and keep alive all year.

If you want to get your cactus so monkeys as anyone you’ve seen in recent months on Pinterest, we have good news for you, it can be very easily and without spending a lot of money. A few recycled glass jars, white glue and a few threads of colors they are enough to prepare some precious pots for your vegetable decoration.

In this case the combination of colors in the yarn has opted for color block, contrast of two colours very intense in each of the pots. You can choose for your own ringtones that you prefer, but the truth is that these are really well, so if you do not want to risk the best it will be that you seek similar threads.