Queen Anne’s County, Maryland Weather

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is located in the eastern part of the state, on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It is bordered by Caroline County to the north, Talbot County to the east, and Kent County to the west. As of 2019, Queen Anne’s County had an estimated population of 48,575 people.

According to aviationopedia.com, Queen Anne’s county was established in 1706 and named for Queen Anne of Great Britain. It was initially part of Talbot County but was later separated into its own county in 1713. The county has a rich history with many historic sites and buildings still standing today such as The Old Brick Inn in Centreville and Christ Church in Grasonville.

Queen Anne’s County offers visitors plenty of attractions including its beautiful waterfront towns such as Stevensville, Grasonville, and Chester which all offer great restaurants and shopping options as well as outdoor activities along the Chesapeake Bay. For those looking for a more rustic experience, there are also several parks within Queen Anne’s County such as Tuckahoe State Park which offers camping sites and trails for biking or hiking.

Queen Anne’s County is also known for having several famous people who have called it home throughout its history such as author Tom Clancy who wrote bestsellers like The Hunt For Red October, actor Tim Meadows from Saturday Night Live, musician Bobby Parker who wrote hits like “Watch Your Step” and “Blues Get Off My Shoulder”, former NFL player Brian Westbrook who played for both the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers during his career, professional golfer Alison Lee who won two LPGA tournaments in 2015-2016 season; and actress/model Brandy Norwood who starred in films like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Climate and weather in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

According to iamaccepted.com, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland has a mild climate with hot, humid summers and cold winters. The average temperature in the summer is around 81°F (27°C) with highs reaching up to 95°F (35°C). Winters are generally cold and wet with temperatures averaging around 37°F (3°C) and lows reaching as low as 15°F (-9.5°C).

The county receives an average of 47 inches (119 cm) of precipitation per year, most of which falls between April and September. Snowfall averages around 15 inches (38 cm) per year, usually occurring during winter months. July is usually the wettest month while February is typically the driest month.

The area is also prone to severe weather such as thunderstorms, blizzards, flash floods and hurricanes due to its coastal location along the Chesapeake Bay. Hurricanes are most likely to occur from late August through October with an average of three hurricanes making landfall in Queen Anne’s County every decade.

As a result of its mild climate, Queen Anne’s County has relatively short spring and autumn seasons compared to other parts of Maryland. Spring typically begins in mid-March and ends in late May while autumn runs from mid-September through early November. This allows for plenty of time for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping or simply enjoying the beauty of nature that this area has to offer visitors throughout the year.

Transportation in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland has an extensive transportation network that provides residents and visitors with access to the rest of the state and beyond. The county is served by a number of highways, including Interstate 97, US Route 50 and Maryland Route 404. These major roadways provide easy access to Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington D.C., and other major cities in the region.

The county also has several public bus routes operated by the Queen Anne’s County Transit System (QACTS). The bus system provides service to all of the county’s main towns as well as some areas in neighboring counties such as Kent Island. The buses run on a regular schedule throughout weekdays and Saturdays with limited service on Sundays.

In addition to buses, Queen Anne’s County is also served by two airports: Easton/Newnam Field and Bay Bridge Airport. Easton/Newnam Field offers daily commercial flights to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) while Bay Bridge Airport offers private charter services for both passengers and cargo.

For those looking to travel further abroad, Amtrak offers rail service from its station in Bowie, Maryland which is about an hour away from Queen Anne’s County. Additionally, there are a number of ferry services that operate between Kent Island and Annapolis as well as between Annapolis and Baltimore for those looking for a more scenic option when traveling between these two cities.

Queen Anne’s County has an extensive transportation network that allows residents and visitors alike to easily explore all that this beautiful area of Maryland has to offer without having to worry about getting around or finding their way home at the end of the day.

Cities and towns in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland

Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is a beautiful and diverse region located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The county is home to a variety of cities and towns that provide an array of amenities and activities for residents. See major cities in Maryland.  The largest city in Queen Anne’s County is Centreville, which boasts a charming downtown area with unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Just outside Centreville lies the historic town of Sudlersville, where visitors can explore the many historic sites located throughout the town. Nearby towns such as Kent Island, Stevensville, Grasonville, and Chester are also great places to visit for shopping, dining, or simply enjoying nature. For those looking for outdoor recreation opportunities, Queen Anne’s County has something to offer everyone from kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay to hiking trails in Matapeake State Park. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or an exciting adventure, Queen Anne’s County has it all.