Renew Your Wardrobe from Outside with Metallic Glaze

The outdoor cabinets We saved from the catastrophe on many occasions. I mean those cabinets of resin so much seen these days in the area of seasonal DIY stores, resistant and large capacity, where brooms, dusters, flowerpots and buckets they feel at home. Years ago I bought one that made me a great workaround, because I could store and order lots of cleaning supplies entering not my house and all the tools that I use to fix and maintain the plants on the terrace.

The truth is that never color I liked too or its appearance, in two shades of grey, but was very convenient and we weren’t going to start a relationship with IFS and buts. Eventually, resin was losing luster and accumulating scratches that gave a look of neglect. I’ve always had in mind to give you a change of scenery, but I did not dare to paint it and didn’t know how to cover it so that it would be presentable.

One day I saw a rooftop one of these cabinets at a very bright Burgundy colour, it was obvious that was painted and I went on the bulb. I started researching different types of paintings to see which could be applied on plastic surfaces without a layer of primer prior, that had a good grip and the necessary elasticity to prevent cracks and chips. Among all, which had more chance of success was the forging metal effect enamel, and without thinking twice I went to DIY Center ready to everything.

So I tried and the result has been a success. I used a antioxidant metallic glaze that needs no prior preparation, of those that can be directly applied on the oxide. On smooth areas I used a small roller for nail polish, and in those that had any trim I used a brush.

I applied two coats, following the instructions of the manufacturer in terms of drying times, and a light sanding between both. Once dry the painting, the great lucia wardrobe, with a totally different look, simulating a matte metallic finish red-brown. I left the interior as it was, since without painting the swing contraptions resists better and is easier to clean.

In addition to be renovated and present a clean appearance, wardrobe integrates better in your environment, with a most suitable exterior color. Even depending on the range of color choice, we could make one of these storage solutions that both workaround make abroad will pass almost unnoticed in a garden.