Round Gift Wrapping – Instruction and Original Ideas for Every Occasion

Gifts in round shape are a big challenge for anyone who wants to pack them for a special occasion. Exist As with any thing even with the gift wrapping of round objects various tips and tricks that you should consider for a good result. In this article you will find original ideas and instructions on how you ever boxing round giftsand they can decorate for a special occasion.

Round gifts of gifts – right materials and techniques

If you want to pack a round gift for Christmas, a birthday or other occasion, you should have a proper technique and choose a suitable gift paper. You should always be careful with ordinary wrapping paper because it can easily be damaged by wrinkles and can produce an undesirable effect. Instead, you can use crepe paper that is easier to fold and looks slightly wrinkly from the inside. Another cool idea for the material is the use of fabric.

Round gifts pack with gift paper tutorial

Before you start packing, you should choose the right wrapping paper and trim it. When you pack round gifts, the width of the paper is usually equal to the height of the gift or the box plus its diameter. The length is intended to frame the box and have about 2 centimeters of extra. Then you are the gift to the paper curl, stick the top edge directly on the box and glue the end of the paper with transparent tape.

Make sure to pack the gifts in round shape

Next, you should pack the bottom by folding the wrapping paper inside. When designing the bottom, folding is not necessarily perfect, as it usually remains unnoticed. However, if you want a perfect gift wrapping, you should fold both the top and bottom side carefully.

The gift top beautifully design

To make the tops and tops beautiful, you should hit the same wrinkles with one hand and keep them in the middle with the other. Make the turn until the rest of the paper is folded. Then stick the paper back with the transparent tape. Once the two sides are finished, you can start decorating.

Round gifts and decorate decoratively

Depending on the occasion, different loops and decorations are suitable for gift wrapping. To hide the spots that you have glued together with the tape, you can use a wider tape. This allows a beautiful gift loop to be tied and decorated as desired.

Round gifts pack with crepe paper

You can also make gift wrappings for round objects and cans from crepe paper by the same method. It can be processed more easily than the ordinary wrapping paper and looks just as good. Crepe paper with patterns is, however, less common, so it is only suitable for gifts with simple packaging.

Choose suitable gift paper for the occasion

For a beautiful gift wrapping, you should coordinate the gift paper and the decoration with the occasion to make a good impression. For example, for Christmas gifts, the best choice is paper, which has a corresponding pattern. For birthdays and personal events, the selection is larger and depends on the preferences of the recipient.

Round gifts with fabric wrapping

If you want to quickly pack round gifts without dealing with gift wrapping, you can pack the gift creatively with a nice cloth. The best way to do this is to use a rectangular fabric, which is opaque and has, for example, a beautiful pattern. Place the gift in the middle, knot two opposing corners, and then repeat the same with the other two. Finally bind the corners with a nice ribbon and the gift wrapping is finished. You can also use this method for gifts in unusual shapes.

Original ideas for gift wrapping

With cotton or silk fabrics in different colors, you can give your gifts an individual touch. There are no limits to creativity and you can try different color combinations and techniques. In addition, you can save with a gift wrapping of fabric paper and the whole takes only a few minutes.

Round gifts pack with tulle

A nice idea for the packaging of round gifts is the use of tulle. First pack the gift with a silk scarf or silk paper and use the tulle as a second layer. Tie the remaining fabric with a satin ribbon and so create an elegant gift wrap that will fit perfectly to gifts for wedding, birthday, or mothers day.

Round presents quickly pack

Are you looking for a simple technique for wrapping round gifts? Place the gift in the middle of a whole sheet of wrapping paper, pull the corners of the paper up and close it with a cord or a suitable ribbon. Tie a bow, decorate with a Christmas ball and you have the perfect wrapping for a round Christmas present.

Dispose of long cans

Some round gifts are elongated or are in an elongated can, such as world maps. Instead of placing the can in a too large gift box, you can make yourself a beautiful gift wrapping from elegant gift paper.

Pack your long, round gifts – instructions

When you pack round gifts that are in a can, you can use the same technique as for flatter gifts. If you have some wrapping paper left when you fold the top, you can either cut it out or fold it again. If you do not have visible tape strips on the package, you can use double-sided tape instead.

Round gift as a sweet pack

Here we show how you can pack round presents with a favorable material and make for a happy atmosphere at the celebration. First cut out a matching piece of white gift paper and paint any pattern or motif on it. Then wrap the paper around the can and glue the outer edge with transparent tape. Then gently squeeze the empty corners together as shown in the picture and tie a knot with ribbon. So you can pack round gifts as sweets.

Bottles as a g

If you bought a round bottle as a gift and want to pack it nicely, then we have a cute idea for you. Use plain and patterned fabric (crepe paper is also good) and a nice decorative ribbon for example with pompons instead of loop. This way you can pack both small and large round gifts.