See the Advantages of Transforming a Room in Closet

A while ago thinking about having a closet at home was something of who had lots of money to spend, nowadays the environment wins more and more space, literally, in homes. The idea is to have a place exclusively for organizing clothes and accessories, leaving the room to become a clean and warm environment. Many people, including, end up opting into a closet instead of a spare room. See the benefits of that decision.

First of all, you need to be sure of transforming a room in closet, especially when it comes to flats with a few rooms. “It is important for the client to be aware of what you want prior to performing any work on the property. If the House or apartment has four bedrooms, you can book one of them to the closet that will still be a well appreciated. Turn a three-

bedroom property on february 1 bedroom closet can be advantageous if the project allow you to go back to the previous situation easily, without many costs because a three-bedroom property is still fairly valued against the new, so compact “, explains the architect Artur Diniz.

If the choice for transforming a room in closet is concrete, it is necessary to consider the value of the investment. “If it’s a very high cost, will only be worth it if the intention is to keep the closet for a long period of time or permanently,” says Artur. In any case, normally the transformation does not require major interventions. “The process is simple. Depending on the layout, you may need to change the points of light and taken to improve the use of the room, “he says. And, the smaller the initial intervention, easier and faster it will be turn the closet in room again: “sometimes, simply remove the cabinets and perform a painting”, complements the architect.

Even with the inconvenience of the reform, the future benefits may be worth. And the process can be more simple than it seems. First it is important to note that, to have a closet, you do not have a very large environment. Normally it is integrated into the bathroom, in a small space, but quite organized to accommodate all the belongings, are clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup. Therefore, it is essential to think about a project of macaws, drawers, shelves, niches and spaces that meet all your needs.

A good project is going to lead the way as are numerous aspossibilidades. “A good closet will have your space well defined, with easy access to the room and bathroom, you’re going to have a good room to get dressed, you’re going to have everything organized and close at hand, with almost everything visible to facilitate the search for any piece,” says Artur.

Another advantage of having an exclusive space to accommodate the possessions is that the room is more free to exercise the function of being a more cozy environment. Besides, it can be very advantageous in a House, for example. “When you remove the room Cabinet, we have well defined an environment for sleep and the closet is an exclusive space for dressing. This ensures privacy and not disturb the sleep of the partner or companion, reinforces the architect.

As for the cost, which may seem high, remember that the closet cabinets, commodes and replaces edible crabs, that is, you can even get out more. It just depends on the project that you will carry forward, the type of closet you want and the material being used. For example, do not use doors on the cabinets inside the closet leaves the project a lot cheaper.

Another tip is to replace drawers for shelves. And if you want even more savings, it is possible to have a wire closet. In this case, instead of wood, the shelves and drawers are made of wire, which decreases the value and still leaves the clothes more airy, at less risk of rot.

Tips to have a closet:

-Use and abuse the shelves, leaving the pieces on display and make time for choice. In the most high, place objects that are least used. In the lower display the items most commonly used. This will certainly help to save a few minutes per day;

-Has a Chair, a pouf or an armchair inside the closet. Support furniture will help to prove shoes or separating the selected parts;

-The lighting is important and points of light help not confuse the colors of clothes or hide a dent;

–Place many mirrors. They help to give a feeling of greater depth to the space and, of course, are essential to choosing the perfect look, advised by themakeupexplorer. Have at least one full length;

–On the shelves and drawers, use partitions to make everything better organized, like panties, brassieres and jewelry;

-Use boxes to store objects that are not used frequently. If the boxes are not transparent, label which contains in each one of them.


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