Spaces That Inspire: House Fresh Mushrooms, The Art of Furniture Restoration

Today I’m going to talk about the place where I was in my last holiday, the House fresh mushrooms, a cottage in Panzares, 20 km from Logroño where its owner Rosana has invested much effort to update it and restore it respecting its original character. Each of the rooms had a special touch that made them unique and what most caught my attention were the restored pieces used to decorate the rooms.

Although room had basically the same thing (a bed, a couple of tables and a bathroom), the fact is that in every corner they could find decorative surprises those who both do enjoy Decoesfera readers. Go, for lovers of the recicladecoracion was all a real luxury.

What most caught my attention was the owners ability to reinterpret objects everyday giving them new uses, such as old shutters used by way of pictures over the headboard of the bed that you have on these lines. As I commented, these shutters work was mostly cleaning and conservation back to be as new without losing their old touch.

Another of the pieces that I loved was a yoke in the common room which Rosana had transformed in lamp with cables and a few sconces metal to hold the bulbs. I liked the detail of large strings since I imagine that the yoke must weigh one’s own.

In the Lilac room, that you have on these lines, what was done was put on the headboard frames and paint inside clouds, as you can see some blur in the image above. If you look, here the headboard is different from which he had seen in the second picture, because each one has its own character and take all the furniture game.

Each room has a bathroom and four of the five have, besides the shower, a jacuzzi that you have installed with enough care so that it would not be of “glob” inside decoration. In addition There is a balcony with a bench full of cushions from which you see some sunsets spectacular with mountain views.

I’d like to you echarais a look at the gallery because the truth is that she is it have currado a lot and have used their creativity to make an old House something as spectacular as what you see in the pictures. The House has been running about three years and so told me Rosana, decoration It left everyone speechless. And no wonder, this House fresh mushrooms It is one of the places I will remember fondly all my travels.

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