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Fenix PD35 Reviews and Ratings

After the success won by these elders, the Fenix PD 35 – 960 Lumens torch is a highly anticipated and popular addition.But then what about such a lamp designed for self-defense but which can also serve for all the uses of everyday life?But before going to the characteristics of this tactical lamp, know that it • Read More »

Living Close to Nature

Special cabins for those who want to live the nature otherwise.

LED Flashlight CREE X960 2 Levels Lighting

A powerful CREE LED torch that produces impressive light for a pocket-size lamp, powerful enough to replace your standard-size flashlight. It has an adjustable head to focus the light into a narrow beam, to find small objects in very obscure places, or to increase the diameter of the beam for large indoor or outdoor spaces.

Reviews and Ratings Klarus Xt11gt

A quick review of the Klarus XT11GT has already been done on our comparison of the best powerful torch lights. It is time to reveal the complete test of the Xl11GT by Klarus, a lamp that is particularly appreciated as the Fenix ​​PD35 or Lenser P7.2.

BoB-Bug out Bag-Lighting

Attention, since the writing of this page I replaced my little torch by a real LD10, I really do not regret! Here we are again in the series BoB – Bug out Bag. We saw together the bag, today’s second important point of equipment for a BoB – Bug out bag optimum:lighting, light.

Fenix Flashlight PD35 Review

Description Given the success won by Fenix with his PD32 Ultimate edition and the PD35 first edition, here is a new development with 960 Lumens! The Fenix PD35 flashlight is really adjusted to the format Pocket designed for self-defense, police, military, spelunkers, it is suitable also for all uses of the hike to the sport, • Read More »

Green Laser Pointer Astronomy Review

previousNext 10000MW green laser pointer astronomy now in a variety of color lasers, particularly those used as Astronomy Laser pointers have been developing rapidly in recent decades. What was once reserved for observatories that large boxed units require high levels of maintenance, energy consumption and cooling equipment, is now available in convenient and portable hand held form.

JETBeam Flashlight Review

JETBeam has been founded in 2004 by two engineering talent that have transformed their enthusiasm for the flashlights, in a range of innovative portable lighting products of ultra high quality for the international market.

LED Lenser P5R Torch

The P5R is a flashlight Led rechargeable Pocket combining technology, power and autonomy. Lighting is managed by TLS (Smart Light Technology). Smart Light Technology is an electronic control of diffuse light and allows different lighting functions:

Nitecore Flashlight Review

Description Lamp NITECORE EA81 surely flashlight using AA batteries the most powerful on the market today, she has a new LED CREE XHP50 allowing a maximum power of 2150 Lumens and a range of 462 meters. She’ll be allier ideal for all your nightlife.

What is Lightning Device

As we are reminded the Department that is in charge of the navigation of pleasure (Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy): to be rescued, to be seen. But what are the means most suited? What the regulations say? A light device is compulsory from the basic staffing (up to 2 miles from a shelter). It may • Read More »

Nitecore Sens Mini LED Flashlight

Lamp torch 170 Lumens-active Dimming technology-1 x battery CR2 – autonomy max 14 h to 20 lumens-waterproof up to 2 m IPX-8-scope 69metres. The lamp detects the angle formed with the ground and selects the level of light intensity. Description The flashlight Nitecore SENSE MINI(series sense) is a concentration of power, it generates 170 Lumens in max and has • Read More »

Best Hiking Headlamp

Be retained in the forest near the town, be lost, will not find his way, or worse, an accident or injury, these are cases that have surprised many a hiker. Similarly for a night excursion, a trail or simply at a campsite, have a lamp is needed, a front, handy.

Klarus XT1C Flashlight

Description A small tactical powerful lamp, always at hand. The new flashlights of the XT of Klarus series mean, high illumination tools precision, they have been developed in self-defense and tactical use in mind. A part of the XT (Extreme tactics) range, which included already the popular lamp, now welcomes the new XT1C which is a • Read More »

Klarus Rechargeable Flashlight

Klarus 2400 Lumens-5 modes + strobes + SOS-rechargeable flashlight uses 1 or 2 batteries 18650 / 1 or 2 batteries CR123-autonomy max of 1000 h to 5 Lumens-waterproof IPX-8-scope of 260 meters.

How Does a Flashlight Work

The flashlight must contain a battery (or generator) that is source of electrical current and a light bulb (or receiver) that is light source. These two elements are well positioned by a simple action on a button (or switch) located on the casing of the flashlight. The passage of the electric current in the stack is released • Read More »

Klarus P1A LED Flashlight

Description A tiny powerful lamp, always at hand, for the work and as external domestic tasks. The lamp Klarus P1A is part of the “Professional” Klarus range. The lamp Klarus P1A is practical, solid, reliable and waterproof. Each lamp is manufactured to military specifications, but at a reasonable price for the largest number of users, including the police, • Read More »

How to Choose a Flashlight

For good buy his flashlight, you need to know the power, intensity, angle and weight. We will separate the needs of the user of flashlight torch into three categories.

General Electric Knowledge

A: Abbreviation of ampere and intensity of current. Unit used to measure electric current. Ampere-Hour: One ampere of current delivered per hour. Anodizing: Electrochemical coating for aluminium. Hard, durable, and attractive. The anodised parts have a high resistance to corrosion.

LED Lenser Frogman Torch

The new version of the lamp LED LENSER FROGMAN torch is a tool to service divers. The diving flashlight FROGMAN is part of our range of high performance flashlights.