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LED Lenser X21R.2 Rechargeable Flashlight ZL9421R – 3200 Lumens

Pack consists of 2 lamps, a LED lenser X21R2 and a NITEYE JET 1 MK 480Lumens Work Lamp Led Lenser X21R.2 3200 lumens-40 hours autonomy- Estimated range 700 meters + 1 lamp NITEYE JET 1 MK 480 Lumens when you use it with a 14500 battery.

LED Lenser M14 Torch Review

Professional torch Led Lenser M14.2-400 lumen-50 h of autonomy – uses 4 batteries AA-range 320 meters-focus integrated for broad or narrow beam.

Hollow Flashlight – Ann Makosinski

“Make the Light to clear the Shadow!” “Find the Cause of the Cause!” Smartphone to view our archives or our Press Review (150 Blogs), go to the Web format by clicking Web Format at the bottom of this page! A flashlight powered by our warmth! At just 15, she invents a virtually inexhaustible source of light After • Read More »

Lampe Frontale Petzl Tactikka

Headlamps are part-in my opinion the essential equipment to go hiking. Why? First for a Security issue and secondly because they are extremely practical. And this concerns not only the hikes of several days. There is a lot of day hikes where I take a headlamp in case-as soon as I know that there is a possibility to finish at night, even if it is tiny. It’s • Read More »

Dive Light 800 Lumen

Its benefits Sealing Waterproof up to 100 m. Power 800 lumens, halo wide to illuminate a wide area night and day. 3 LED Autonomy 1:30 to full power 800 Lumens, 6:300 lumen minimum power. Strength subwoofer aluminum to withstand the shocks and falls on the boat. Scope The beam angle: 40 °. 4 h to be completely • Read More »

Best Tactical Flashlight

Don’t miss flashlight tactical X 9 in exceptional promotion! She is efficient, powerful and trendy: it comes from the tactical flashlight Lumify X 9 . This high quality material is very popular by the security professionals-both in the army and the gendarmerie, police or even fire – is the pinnacle of what is happening today in the market • Read More »

How to Choose a Tactical Flashlight

If the tactical light appeared regularly through this blog, it is that this system is without a doubt, a nature and a role that can answer has a multitude of situations. The development of our flashlights was dazzling the last 10 years. The system LED to battery lithium through confusing light powers, our illumination systems are • Read More »

How to Choose a Good Headlamp

How to choose a good headlamp Care: Brightness: ie the number of lumens, is the quantity of light source that will generate your lamp. The higher the number is big better. The different lighting mode: depending on your usage and your need, if you have three lamps and the light generated by a single lamp • Read More »

How to Build a Dive Light

Warning: the information made available on this site are only for information purposes only and will not constitute any advice or recommendation of any kind whatsoever. Accordingly, the use of the information and content available on the site as a whole, cannot in any way engage the responsibility of the author, in any capacity whatsoever. The user is • Read More »

How to Make a LED Flashlight to Draw or Write with

Connect the LED light with battery. The long end of the LED light is the (anode) positive end. It must touch the end (+) positive battery 3V lithium. The short end is (the cathode) negative end. It must touch the negative (-) end of the battery. Connecting these parts should cause the LED to illuminate.

Niteye B30 Cree LED XM-L U2 XP-G R5

Description New version in 960 Lumens with an XM-L2 led and remaining charge indicator. The tactical light Niteye BC25SE is a concentration of power, it generates 960Lumens in max mode.

Nitecore EA41 PIONEER Review

Lamp torch Nitecore 1020Lumens-uses 4 batteries LR06 / AA-battery life max 400 h to 1lumens – waterproof up to 2 m IPX-8-range 335metres-5 light modes + SOS, Strobe and location (beacon)-indicator of charge.

Fenix LD22 2015

Description Model LD22 2015 edition in 300Lumens with front bezel of protection, delivered with two AA batteries. Flashlight Fenix LD22 eEdition 2015 can produce 300 lumens in turbo mode. Its exceptional battery life up to 90 hours (power 5 lumens) will delight professionals and individuals who make intensive use.

LED Lenser Flashlights

All the benefits of LED lamps The LED generates virtually no heat and can use all of its electrical energy to light. A strong light output can be generated in a very small space, which allows to miniaturize the torches or lamps and keep a light to incredible power. The electric charge influences the level • Read More »

Nitecore SRT5 Detective Flashlight

Three versions are available: 1-Only livery 2-Comes with an Efest 18650 2600mAh battery 3-Comes with a charger and 1 Efest 18650 2600mAh battery.

2000 Lumen Cree XM-L T6 LED Flashlight

Product Features The pivoting head adjusts the focus of the lamp clear extra. Firm pressure on the orange button turns on and off the lamp.A low pressure changes between modes clear / medium / low / strobe / flash Made resistant aluminum base.Water repellent, stable and compact. Fits in your pocket. Can work with 3 AAA • Read More »

FENIX Flashlight Reviews

FENIX lamps of professional with a quality / price Fenix offers a range of high performance led flashlights has a quality / price. Compared to the conventional incandescent flashlights, LED lamps are very resistant to shocks, have a life much more long (50,000 to 100,000 hours, or 6 to 11 years of continuous use!) and a lower • Read More »

Why Carry a Flashlight

Why carry a flashlight? You will always need a lamp, many unexpected can lead to you being in the dark and without equipment to illuminate you will be hard pressed to move with a greater risk of injury and losing without light. …

Frogman Dive Light

The new version of the waterproof torch LED LENSER D14 is a strong tool designed to withstand pressure of 7 bars, sealing your waterproof torch is confirmed by the German certification body TÜV Rheinland. The monobloc body of your lamp is made of a synthetic material that resists to large shocks.

Nitecore EC4 Flashlight

Three versions are available: 1-Only livery 2-Comes with two Efest 18650 2600 mAh battery 3 -Comes with a charger Klarus and 2 Efest 18650 2600mAh battery. Flashlight 1000 Lumens-2 18650 batteries or 4 batteries CR123-autonomy max 260 hours to 1 Lumen-Waterproof up to 2 m, IPX-8-reach 322 m.