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How to Choose a Dive Light

Your dive light To light up the night, you need a diving light. This is your main source of light in night diving. The day, you can use it to watch in the holes and cracks. Diving lamps are also useful for exploring the Interior of the wreck, and the underwater caves (these types of dives require special training). Also called: waterproof • Read More »

Lampe Frontale Petzl E+Lite Zip

Many of us think about our EDC (Every Day Carry) intensely (probably too much), IE the list of objects which is kept permanently on itself. They are generally useful, effective, or potentially vital objects that we always take in his pocket. Sometimes, an EDC is never, or potentially ever. But:

ShadowHawk X 800 Flashlight for Sale

With the rise of domestic terrorism and the gun laws more stringent to deal, people are looking for better ways to protect themselves and their families against crime. The solution? Tactical flashlights. These become so popular of self-defence in the wake of terrorist events recent tools that some companies like the X 800 Lumitact tactical flashlight cannot • Read More »

Fenix TK75 4000 Lumen

5 versions available: 1 – The only Fenix TK75 lamp 2 – Lamp Fenix TK75 + 4 Efest 2600mAh battery 3 – Lamp Fenix TK75 + 4 batteries Efest 2600mAh + 1 charger Klarus C4 4 – Lamp Fenix TK75 + 4 Panasonic 3400mAh battery 5 – Lamp Fenix TK75 + 4 batteries Panasonic 3400mAh • Read More »

How to Choose a LED Flashlight

How to choose a front LED flashlight? All the answers to your questions. What is Lumens? The Lumen describes the total amount of light produced by a light source. This amount is measured in all directions with an integral sphere. The lamp to measure is installed in this sphere which determines the amount of total light emitted. The • Read More »

Buy Taser Flashlight

Buy a lamp taser cheap torch , it’s possible Buy an electric shocker flashlight or taser flashlight, which is the same thing, is a good compromise between a taser and a traditional lamp LED torch. it is a defense weapon accessible to all, legal and affordable Flashlight Function What is remarkable with these models lamp shocker is the power of LED lighting, a true • Read More »

Klarus XT11 Bike Mount

Description After the worldwide success of the XT10 with double switches, Klarus place the bar even higher with this new tactical flashlight XT11.

LED Lenser M7 Tactical Torch

The LED Lenser M7 flashlight is a flashlight to chip that combines comfort and dynamism. It is equipped with electronically controlled lighting. These microcontrollers are the key of Smart Light Technology (SLT) pieces. Smart Light Technology is an electronic control of diffuse light and allows different lighting functions:

Fenix LD50 – 1800 Lumens

Description Flashlight Fenix LD50 is a very compact lamp with unmatched reliability. Its flat body with its built-in belt clip design is comfortable to hold and easy to carry. Each led is powered independently which allows to operate only 1 led with 18650 battery or 2 CR123 batteries. Equipped with two LEDs CREE XM-L2 LD50 offers a power of 1800 Lumens, 5 lighting • Read More »

LED ATV Headlight Kit

The range of headlamps ATV is wide and diverse. The front LED is undoubtedly the most common model in the sport because of its reliability and outstanding performance.

Fenix CL20 Camping Lantern

The Fenix ​​CL20 is a well-designed LED camping lamp with several convenient functions. And that’s not all. You can also use it as a craft lamp or night light. Hang it on the ring, attach it to inaccessible places with the built-in magnet or simply place it somewhere.

External Battery for Camping

Good props for mobile (keyboards for computers and tablets, screen protectors …), Zagg will obviously not passed on the lucrative market for external batteries. Its Power-Amp series thus seeks to combine manufacturing quality, technology and autonomy. The Power Amp 18 biggest capacity of the manufacturer wants, he bluntly accessory for camping.

Scuba Diving Lamps

Lamps for diving and all water leisure Aquatic activities and scuba diving. For the practice of snorkeling, snorkeling or scuba diving, be equipped with a diving lamp can prove to be very useful or essential for the safety of the divers. The pressure constraints under which the diving, lamps require components of qualifications and a development • Read More »

Buy Infrared Torch

To see at night without being seen, you want to buy a lamp infrared torch. To give you the equipment you have, however, need to find the best outlets to achieve the best possible deal. Here to help you, a selection of the best UK shops online, with it you will find quality products at the best • Read More »

Batterie Externe X-Moove Powergo Rugged

Today, I propose a slightly different test of what I used to you: an external battery. When I test a jacket, pants, or shoes, I really didn’t need to explain what it does. But I’ll do it here, because everyone doesn’t necessarily know what is an external battery and how it works. How it you don’t know either for • Read More »

Dive Light Buying Guide

Many models exist dives lamps. But how to choose his own with this multitude of products? We will see in this article the different lamp types and characteristics of this vital diving equipment.

LED Lenser M1 Torch

The LED torch LENSER M1 is a concentrate of technology and power. This flashlight is equipped with a micro-controller SLT “Smart Light Technology” which provides 3 different lighting modes: 1) A POWER mode that ensures full power lighting, 2) LOW-POWER mode Economic 3 ) A STROBOSCOPIC mode that generates high-frequency light flashes for passive defense • Read More »

Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edition

Hello to you, Back from Norway last few days I contacts you to tell you about my impressions of the Fenix lights  HP15 Ultimate edition  that we used extensively throughout the stay.

Waterproof Dive Light

For the divers experienced or not, there is no doubt to be equipped. Because Yes, to explore the seabed in search of multicolored corals or to see the fish the most magnificent, need you this waterproof dive light. To see more clearly, it is necessary, this underwater neon led torch you will perhaps find a lost treasure!

Fenix LED Products

Fenix ​​lamp torche belongs to Elysun which is a company specializing in renewable energies, SARL with capital of 28,670 EUR and domiciled in Alpes-Maritimes (France). Established in 2008, Elysun was initially developed in the import / export of products related to renewable energies … With its experience and growing demand, Elysun decided to work on a • Read More »