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Fenix HL50 365

Description The lamp front Fenix HL50 uses a LED Cree XM-L2 T6 which delivers 365 Lumens of light in neutral white. It is ultra versatile with these 4 light modes: low 4 Lumens, means 60 Lumens, high 170 Lumens and 365 Lumens Turbo mode. The HL50 is convenient for camping, walking, caving, finally all outdoor activities because • Read More »

Klarus RS20 RGB

Flashlight and Lantern rechargeable Klarus RS20 RGB, equipped of a white led main XML-L2 as well as a secondary led XM-L RGB (white, red, green and blue). Rechargeable flashlights are usually low-power and have a limited range. This is not the case of the Klarus RS20 RGB, it is equipped with a LED CREE XM-L2 • Read More »

Rechargeable LED Torches

LITEPANELS MICROPRO The MicroPro can be installed on all types of handheld camcorder or shoulder and even video reflex due to its light weight and compactness. Composed of 96 LED without heat, this torch casts a diffused light up to 1000 lux to half a meter. It is operational to film an interview. The color temperature can be • Read More »

All about LED Flashlights

What are the torches? A flashlight is a light source held in the hand. This type of lighting is usually designed for maximum portability in very compact designs, to pocket formats. Previously, most flashlights used incandescent bulbs. Today, they are usually equipped with LEDs that offer better performance and low power consumption.

Flashlight Buying Guide

A flashlight is available in most homes, caravans, summer houses and cars. They are indispensable when there is no other light source or where electricity is not available. Which model to be purchased should primarily be governed by where and how the flashlight will be used. Is it during a mountain hike or should it • Read More »