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How to Make an Astronomical Clock

Introduction An astronomical clock is a clock with special mechanisms and dials to specific and able to tell apart from the time and date like normal watches, even information about astronomy. These items can represent the position of the Sun and moon, the specific age and phase of the Moon, the Lunar nodes, the sidereal • Read More »

How to Decorate a Children’s Room

The bedroom for each child is that special place to play, to dream, grow and feel safe. There is his whole world and games, decorations and colors make it unique. With a little ‘imagination and some inspiration from the web can make room for our children a more magical place, with a few simple changes and the • Read More »

Crystal Lamp

For lighting projects that demand warmth, softness and a very special mood, the lamps are the right choice. This thanks to its diffuse and indirect light, which creates interesting effects and invites for a good reading or a pleasant rest. The best part is that in addition to helping create a welcoming atmosphere, it is wild in • Read More »