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Fenix PD35 Reviews and Ratings

After the success won by these elders, the Fenix PD 35 – 960 Lumens torch is a highly anticipated and popular addition.But then what about such a lamp designed for self-defense but which can also serve for all the uses of everyday life?But before going to the characteristics of this tactical lamp, know that it • Read More »

Reform and Decoration – Did You Forget Something?

You imagined, planned and found the best way to distribute your furniture, equipment, add some fixtures. And it will go to retirement, right (a) it will be simple-after all, it will not break walls, it’s just a reorganization, right? It can be a bit more complicated…

Bulb Fiction: This Film Does Not Throw Light

I rarely come so thoughtfully from a cinema film as this afternoon.The documentation “Bulb Fiction”takes the prohibition of the incandescent bulb as an occasion to discuss critically with its successor, the energy saving lamp.

Learn How to Illuminate Environments without Error

A great interior design project is coupled with an excellent lighting plan.To properly illuminate the environments, the first step is to make an analysis of their functions, style of activities to be performed, objects to be highlighted and desired climate.Subsequently, you need to decide the type of lighting and finally choose the correct lamps and • Read More »

Reviews and Ratings Klarus Xt11gt

A quick review of the Klarus XT11GT has already been done on our comparison of the best powerful torch lights. It is time to reveal the complete test of the Xl11GT by Klarus, a lamp that is particularly appreciated as the Fenix ​​PD35 or Lenser P7.2.

What Not to Do in the Garden, Porch Or Yard

And we will arrive in the garden, porch or yard, to remember those important details to which we must take care that the green is more beautiful, cozy, safe and comfortable!