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5 Tips for You to Clean Your Room

Need to clean your room, but do not know where to start? Check out some tips that will help you keep everything tidy with no hassle. Sometimes a heavier organization in the room becomes necessary and it takes a little time to get your things in order, but … where to start? With the scarce time during • Read More »

Guide Shelves and Bookcases: Tips, Materials and Inspirations

Being functional and decorative, shelves and bookcases can and should be used in any environment. In addition to great allies of the organization, they also help to customize the decoration of spaces, housing books, photos, home appliances and even art objects.

Decoration with Shelves and Niches

Using shelves is one of the means to decorate and organize the most used apartment nowadays. Leaving things scattered around the house is not an option and when your environment is small and has lots of objects, the best alternative is to use the shelves.

Watch in Decoration: Don’t Waste Your Time Anymore!

With the racing life is good to have clocks everywhere to not lose time. Clocks on the wall are fashionable, give a charm in your home. Whatever the model: modern, classic, retro or vintage and why not that of family heirlooms? Mix models. There are the digital analog, with rope, cordless, cuckoo, and grandfather without pendulum. There are also several • Read More »

Tip: Organization of Pictures

A lot of people have asked me how to organize the pictures in an environment. This is an issue that does not have a single answer, it depends on the environment, the style, anyway…But there are a few basic things yes:

Monster Birthday Party Decoration Hight: Tips and Photos

Navigation THE LITTLE BUGGERS MONSTER HIGH PARTY DECORATION Get inspired in the Monster High party decoration The Monster High invaded the store shelves and of the rooms with their doll collection inspired by horror monsters and pleasing the kids who wanted a different doll and to run away princess label. With its irreverent visual, the little buggers took • Read More »

Make It Yourself – Decorating Tips!

This weekend was well spent for those who amended with Thursday’s holiday, did not they? I did a lot of things and I came here to show you the art that I prepared kkkk. Thursday I went to Paraguay (2 and a half hours from Campo Grande), I bought some picture frames to set up a panel • Read More »

How to Choose a Drink for Your Party!

Hello amoresss! I told you these days around here about this subject and I’m returning it for the fact that “may” be the month of brides and also mother’s day”. When we organize a party, a meeting for family, for friends, lingerie shower, tea bar, anyway any kind of party every time we want to please the • Read More »

How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

The month of October was also seen in Italy the spread of preparations for the Halloween party: in the malls there is already invading objects, decorations, cakes tied to the theme. There are post published online about the subject, you can enjoy watching the special nursery rhymes, waiting for that bait on Blogmamma a special full of ideas and tip Pumpkins for having fun • Read More »

Wallpaper Removing Tips

Be it because of a move or because of the wall covering just do not like. If you want to remove wallpaper, it can have many reasons With these helpful tips, you can easily peel off wallpaper. Removing Wallpaper: Preparation Before your renovate walls, you should take some precautions. Since you will work in most cases, with water, • Read More »

How to Buy a Dog Cage

A dog cage is not just for outdoor use. It’s also a good idea for internal use. If you have a dog, they may have considered buying a dog cage. Here’s how to buy and use a dog cage for your canine family member. Determine cell size dog will need. Cages for dogs are available • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Pillow for Me

From how our day ended, depends on how the next start in many ways. Therefore, healthy sleep – is necessary not just to be workable, but just happy. However, it can be easily damaged wrong selection “soft partner” for the night. In this manual, we will tell you how to choose the right pillow and • Read More »