Tau Smart Tile Controls Your Diet

Yes, how you hear it. The tile, which is situated opposite the fridge and apparently is like any other, incorporates a weight sensor and a microchip which controls several parameters, such as how long someone is on tile, time and weight of the user. In this way it recognizes when someone determined weight is too much time in front of the fridge out of the lunch or dinner, i.e., the tile “knows” If you are itching hours.

If you do it activates a speaker that launches a message reminder on the commitment that you have purchased on your diet. Something like: Oh, Oh… those pounds. The system incorporates a registry to analyze activities to the fridge and allows, through its previous configuration, personalize its response to every individual in particular.

The”Diet Floor” It is a work of the Tau Advanced creativity Forum in collaboration with the Barcelona inventor Pep Torres and has been presented in the recently after Cevisama trade fair in Valencia.

Tau Advanced It is a forum for Experimental creativity of Tau Cerámica that five years is launching various innovative proposals in which the protagonist is a new ceramic, open to more advanced dimensions. Among other projects, Tau Advanced is the creator of Keraon, the first material of ceramic origin designed exclusively for use in the outdoor furniture that I showed last week.