Test Fenix FD40 by Fan Fenix Light

Fenix ​​recently released a new series of flashlights, the FD series.The pioneer of this historic debut is the FD40 – a carefully designed flashlight that surpasses other zoom lanterns available on the market.

The Fenix ​​FD40 is ready to give the world of pocket lamps a new perspective of zoom, and lead the way for future models of this type of light. According to ledlightsclassified, as revolutionary as it may seem, I am not speaking of this light.

I repeat – I am not talking about this type of zoom:

This is the real FD40

Here are the true FD40 specifications:

  • Uses LED Cree XP-L HI, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • Powered by a 26650 or 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 159 grams without battery
  • Adjustable focus, stainless steel side knob
  • Digital controlled output maintains constant brightness protection
  • More heat to avoid high temperature surface
  • Intelligent memory, automatically enters previously brightness level used when re-lit
  • Protection against polarity reversal, to protect the installation of the wrong direction battery
  • Made of aluminum aerospace grade
  • Premium type ⅲ hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • High efficient lens with total reflective coating Fenix ​​gives us the one basic set of accessories you can expect, a pouch, O-rings, lanyard

– as well as a host of documents, namely the standard warranty card, FD40 manual and ads.

First impressions When I held the FD40 in my hand, it looked pretty solid, as if it had been molded from my hand.

The molding is minimalist and the head has long and wide teeth, it reminds me of a castle. The tailcap has anti-roll faces, but I think it could be better improved by presenting anti-roll faces on the head as well. The fact that it can be put in candle position is very useful, and is very stable, I might add that I will discuss later with its built-in tripod mount function.

Take the fenix FD40 apart, we find a gold spring at the negative end (tailcap), and something special inside the tube of the battery. Can you spot it?

If you have not found it this should give you a hint:

Yep, it is the battery adapter for the 18650. If you remember, Fenix ​​declares in their specifications that the FD40 can use both 26650 and 18650.

And that’s basically what this adapter is for you.If you plan to use a 26650 power source primarily, make sure you do not lose this adapter in the event that you may or may not use an 18650 battery in the future.

For the record, you can use the Fenix ​​18650 batteries without the adapter, as one would have believed and now it is verified.

However, I always recommend not to lose the adapter, that you have a backup solution if needed.

be sure to keep this O-ring lubricated for water protection: