The Next Increase in Electricity Prices Is Certain – So Consumers Are Armed

The current surge spiral continues to rotate. Energy is also becoming more and more expensive in the private sector. For 2017, the next price increases already announced, we are talking about increases of some 40 percent. The electricity suppliers are legally obligated to inform their customers about an increase in electricity prices at an early stage.

This, however, does not alter the fact that the price increases. As soon as such a letter arrives at the consumer, the latter has two options: accepting the higher price or looking for another provider.

After the announcement of the increase in electricity prices provider changes

After the letter with the announcement of the price increase has been received, it is acting. The period for cancellation due to price changes is usually two weeks. Of course it is important to inform yourself before the termination, whether there are actually also more favorable providers. On comparative portals on the Internet, the electricity prices can be compared quickly and easily. The current electricity prices in the region out is therefore not difficult. Many helpful hints, what to do in case of a price increase, are the Federal Association of Consumer Advice Centre on its website. The termination should take place in writing, preferably in the form of a letter. In order to be able to prove the punctual sending of the termination, a registered letter should be sent. In the case of a termination, it is very important to request a confirmation of termination from the supplier. Thus, in the end, there are no complications.

The provider remains the second option

Sometimes the provider with a slightly elevated price is still one of the cheapest. A change of provider is not really worthwhile. There are other ways to reduce the power calculation. Whoever observes his behavior and identifies the electricity guzzlers finds in this way some potential to save electricity and thus cash money. How and where energy could be saved , to the Federal Environment Agency has compiled online informative. Saving energy can have two things. Either the consumer receives the desired performance with less power, for example through the use of energy saving light bulbs or energy-efficient appliances . Or he does without the desired performance, for example, the air conditioning does not always have to run in the summer. Also, identifying power guzzlers can help save power. This is relatively easy with a small device, which simply switches the appliance between the appliance and the socket. If a new purchase is to be made in the foreseeable future, the customer should pay attention to a more energy-efficient device. Useful power saving tips , there is also on this page in a previous article.

Concrete tips – this way, electricity savings simply goes without increasing the electricity price

If you observe a few basic things at home and become aware of the true power-eating habits, you can save money. The largest current emitters lurk wherever an electrical appliance generates heat or cold, for example refrigerators and freezers. For the equipment to run optimally, it is important that they are not next to a heating source. Should this be inevitable, an additional insulation may help. The set temperature is also important. The more the device has to cool down, the higher is, of course, the power consumption. Even the clothes dryer is one commonly to the power guzzlers . However, the devices of the new generation are far below the usual values with their power consumption. If an older dryer consumes up to 4 kWh of electricity per drying cycle, today it is only 1 kWh – but a considerable difference.

Another source of high power consumption are devices in continuous use, such as routers, telephones, laptops, entertainment electronics. Not infrequently, these devices are connected to the electricity network 365 days a year around the clock. The performance of the devices is usually very small in individual cases. The consumption of electricity is added by the continuous use. Anyone who wants to buy such devices again should pay attention to the power consumption. A careful selection helps to save some kilowatt hours during the year.


The next increase in the price of electricity is certain. But that does not have to scare anybody. There are numerous ways to react. And – even without a current boost, it is a good thing to save electricity. This protects the money bag and the environment.