Tiles: Change, Apply New about Former or Paint?

Various coatings can be applied on the ancient walls, but it takes attention to detail to prevent future headaches

When it is time to change the look of the bathroom or kitchen tiles it is necessary to evaluate what is the most viable option to perform the new decoration: the painting of tiles, the placement of new on old or the beginning of a reform to exchange all parts?

Swap the tiles takes at least a week and still requires spending on manpower and time to manage the disorder with the ban.

For a faster and more economic reform, an alternative is the painting of tiles. In the bathroom, however, the paint must be restricted to the area outside of the box, because of the moisture. Thus, directed by the exchange of tiles in the box.

The painting on the outside can be made with epoxy paint, which has good grip. The work takes about two days, depending on the size of the surface, and has the advantage of doing less dirt than other methods.

The kitchen offers more choices of finishes, such as sheets of glass, stainless steel plates and formica panels TS. These materials resist humidity and constant cleaning with abrasives.

It is possible to install them on sinks, for example. To the area above the stove, which has a constant exposure to high temperatures, vapours and food scraps, toughened glass or stainless steel, although the cost factor, in this case, it may not be worth it.

The glass also requires that the tiles are very well adhered to the wall. the more into account in this case is the painted tile, material that is quoted in the same price range of placement.

Tile over tile

Care should be taken when considering the placement of tiles on tiles, because it involves a number of variables that must be observed before executing the reform: the depth of the wall, the TRIMs and light boxes, among other details.

These items need to be evaluated by a professional on site, to prevent future problems don’t end up making the work. Furthermore, it is dangerous that the tiles loose over time due to fullness or other disorders related to the life of the material. The cost of labor to the placement must also be taken into account.

There is also an alternative that has become a popular trend in decorating, which is practical and has cost similar to wallpapers of median price. These are plastic tiles that can be applied over old finishes and fixed with silicone glue. The boards have 3.5 mm thick and is possible to mount the Panel itself, with different possibilities of drawings.

The manufacturer does not recommend the installation of the product in areas with incidence of Sun, or near stoves and heaters. The placement process is fast and no mess.