Tips: Guipir on Table Set!

Learn how to use the Guipir on the table put to create a charming and delicate look!

A whimsical table set is able to touch even more amazing for any type of event. Whether classic or contemporary, a composition well done can enchant the guests and make very nice. So, how about taking the delicacy and sophistication of guipir for a special occasion? With this, we have selected some unique tips for you innovate on the look of your table set! Come check it out!



For those looking for a classic combination and charming, the use of parts in guipir is perfect! Of French origin, this kind of income is produced from linen or silk, showing his designs in relief. Currently considered the most refined among the lace, this interweaving of points can be found in several pieces in the decoration, as in napkins, placemats or table Rails. Without doubt, this extremely sophisticated detail makes all the difference in a match.



Timeless, this element is ideal for anyone who wants to create a neutral and elegant environment. In this context, the Napkin Guipir Cecile fits nicely. Being a great choice for those who want to ride a classic table, this piece reflects the subtlety of guipir in combination with the sophistication of ramie. And, for a moment even more memorable, you can use it along with the American game of the same row.



To those looking for more personality on the look, you can merge the guipir with other prints, resulting in a table set super original! To do this, you can choose by Napkin Bukhara! Sophisticated, this piece brings the ideal combination between pure linen and guipir -dyed exactly the tone of the American game Bukhara. In this composition, certainly, you will have a single harmonic look! You can also invest in other details to enhance your décor, as napkin rings according to the chosen style! In addition, and following the subtle line marked by the guipir, vases and flower arrangements in the center of the table are welcome!



For a built-in look for pieces with neutrality, prioritize the brighter colors, adding joy to the environment. And, for a combination with more colors and style, the elements in light shades are perfect for providing balance and make your time even more enjoyable.



And then? What do you think of these tips on the guipir in the table set? Very inspiring, isn’t it? And, why not take this refined touch to your home and dazzle everyone. For this, the Lolahome has special parts! Check below: