Tours in Lesotho

Journey to the Heavens – this is what tours to Lesotho are called, to this small but independent country in the very center of South Africa. The state, located on mountainous elevations, attracts travelers from all over the world with its unusual landscapes, exotic representatives of the animal world and a certain detachment from the whole world.

Holidays in Lesotho are unique and cannot be compared with traveling to other African countries. The historical sights of the capital Mazeru will reveal to tourists from Moscow and other regions (as well as from all over the world) the originality of the whole country: from the observation deck on the Berea Plateau, a panoramic view of the Church of the Evangelists and the Cathedral, famous throughout the country, will open. Rock paintings in Ha Baroana, tours of the Sani Pass Gorge, Thabana Ntlenyana Peak, Sehlabathebe National Park, Malentsunyane Falls –  tour operator in Lesotho will be able to introduce travelers to this proud country.

Luxurious hotels in the capital of Lesotho, many restaurants with unusual local cuisine, small shops with souvenirs at affordable prices will add maximum comfort to the trip. Horseback riding in the Dragon Mountains, a trip to the village of the Baseto tribes, the grandeur of the Sani Pass mountain pass and the most vivid photos during these tours will help to fully reveal the grandeur of this unforgettable country.

The capital is Maseru.

Area – about 30 thousand square meters. km.

Monetary unit – loti.

The climate is continental, quite severe and uncharacteristic for these latitudes. But more than three hundred days a year the sun shines. The average temperature in January is +25°C, in July – about +15°C. Summer (November-January) is usually hot. In winter (May – July) there are frosts, snow falls for a short time. In the mountains, snow can fall at any time of the year. The rainy season falls on October – April.

Vaccinations are not required.

Religion – Christianity, local traditional beliefs.

Currency – loti. 1 loti = 1 South African rand.

Time is one hour behind Moscow time.

How to get there. Lesotho has regular flights to South Africa and neighboring countries. The airport is located in the capital of the country. All-wheel drive vehicles must be used to travel within the country. Driving on local roads is an adventure in itself. Three main roads diverge from Maseru – to the north, east and south of the country.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is surrounded on all sides by the territory of South Africa, while it is bounded from the east and south by the Dragon Mountains. Most of the country is at an altitude of more than 1000 m with individual peaks reaching more than 3 thousand m. The lowest point of Lesotho lies at an altitude greater than that of any country in the world. Tourism in Lesotho began to develop actively in the early 1970s. Lesotho is, first of all, mountains, mountains and again mountains … They are 500 million years older than the Alps. Tourists, mostly lovers of ecological tourism, are attracted by picturesque mountain landscapes, canyons and high waterfalls, many caves and mountain rivers. There are many paleontological and archaeological sites in Lesotho – from the remains of dinosaurs to numerous Bushman rock paintings. There are plenty of opportunities for trekking, horseback riding, SUVs and motorcycles. Excellent opportunities for freshwater fishing. Attracts tourists and the originality of the culture of local residents.


Maseru – the capital of Lesotho – is located in the west of the country. It used to be a tiny provincial town known only for its royal residence. Starting from 1970, the city began to expand, gradually turning into an original tourist center with “urban villages”. The traditional way of life has been preserved here. The city has modern casinos, nightclubs and luxury hotels, exotic restaurants, a cinema, tennis courts and a golf course. Among the excursions offered is a visit to the traditional village of Kome. Other attractions in the city are the lively market, Hat Craft (“Hat Making”), the Royal Palace, and the National Museum. The mountain fortress of Taba-Boshu of King Moshoeshoe Ibuilt at the beginning of the 19th century. and located 16 km east of Maseru, is one of the most important historical sites of the country, which has withstood many attacks on the Basotho people by African tribes and European settlers.

Recommended hotels: Lesotho Sun, Ramabanta Guest House, Hotel Victoria.

In the north of the country, on the slopes of the Maluti Range, there are mountain reserves Ts` ehlanyane National Park and Bokong Nature Reserve . A little to the south – the most beautiful mountain reservoir Katse Dam. In the areas of Leribe in the north and Quthing in the south, footprints of a five-toed dinosaur can be seen. Their age is approximately 180 million years.

Recommended hotels: Leribe Hotel, Oxbow Lodge, Moluti Nthuse Lodge, Mount Maluti Hotel, Blue Mountain Inn.

To the south of the capital there are several beautiful landscapes – the stone gorges of the Makhaleng River and the surrounding countryside are impressive, Malealea – a place aptly called the Gate of Paradise – is fascinating. In Mohale’s Hoek, you can see Cannibal caves and Bushmen rock paintings in the mountainous Ha Baroana Molimo & Nthuse.

Sehlabathebe National Park has interesting hiking trails. The Shield Plateau (Sehlabathebe), often referred to as the “Fairyland of Lesotho”, is one of Africa’s most impressive sights. And from the mountain pass Matenbeng (Matebeng), located at an altitude of 2900 m, offers the most breathtaking views of the northern part of the country.

Recommended hotels: Malealea Lodge, Morija Guest House.

Lesotho participates with South Africa in the unique Maluti-Drakensberg Transffrontier Project, the entire eastern and southeastern border region of Lesotho and neighboring areas of South Africa have been turned into a huge biosphere recreational conservation zone with limited economic activity.

Tours in Lesotho