Tray in Silver for Christmas Decorating – 19 Tasteful Decoides

A tray serves as a practical helper in the household, decorates the table at the same time when it is beautifully decorated in ensemble with other objects. As a decorative accessory, it is suitable for all playful table decorations for Christmas. We offer 15 stylish decorating ideas with tablet in silver that go easily into fruition.

If one of you is available, take a look, if not, do not lose time and treat yourself to one. It is classy, chic and a real highlight in the modern home.

Tray in silver for a splendid table decoration for Christmas

A tray made of real silver has few people and usually it belongs to a whole set, which is inherited in generations. In order to make this piece of a piece come into play, hardly anything is needed. Put on noble simplicity and underline sparingly the winter, Christmas touch. Artificial snow and small thematic figures would lend playful flair without distracting from a beautiful silver glimmer

Christmas decoration – silver tray

Silver and white is a timeless combination that is always up-to-date and fits equally well with every home style. Original collection and craft pieces will ensure a change in the quiet atmosphere. Particularly imaginative is the idea of making remaining snowflakes by themselves. Fancy, but for a long time unused dishes comes as decorative good for new use.

Tray in silver for Christmas decorate lushly

Arraise the different pieces, regardless of style. Just stick to the color concept, which you have thought up and defined in advance. Do not forget the candles. It is this with their warm flame ensure harmonious, cozy atmosphere. Choose any number of white candles of the same size.

Chic, simple decoration for Christmas – Tray in silver look, candles, cones and other decorative elements

Natural materials that are, or easy to find in garden park on the way home, can be wonderfully arrange in a silver platter. Pines, anise stars, cinnamon sticks and small pine nuts can be used well. Next to it are the Christmas balls of any size, and perhaps some of them, which are characterized by a silvery glow.

Decoration for Christmas in Scandinavian style with a tray in silver

Now we make an explanation that under Silbertablett is not always what is meant by the known noble metal. Modern, innovative designs reflect the popular look and provide a number of effects. These materials are often more easy to clean than the real silver, since it has the property of producing at the patina and requires regular polishing to eliminate it.

Small decoration items and tray in silver as a simple Christmas decoration

Fresh green is always a happy atmosphere, especially during the cold season. The decorative beech tree balls look particularly cute when decorated with small Christmas balls. As an evergreen plant it is not necessary to water it.

Round silver tray with Christmas tree decorations and Christmas balls

In the modern style of living more and more expensive and too much decoration is saved. Be practical and look for deco elements that fit the right concept. To the noble tablet in silver also fit pieces such as silver rings and others, which can easily be used quite playfully. Beads become balls that decorate the miniature beech tree. Be creative, abe not exaggerate.

Round tray in silver for harmonious outdoor decoration for Christmas

A tray in silver look is also suitable for outdoor use. On top of that you will find beautiful windmills, pineapples, small apples, cones and others of natural origin, which fit perfectly into a harmonious garden decoration.

Chic Christmas table decoration in silver on tray

If no silver tray is available, get one of other pretty materials, such as wood, and arrange objects in silver tones. Stay true to the concept with the main color ‘silver’ and make sure that the rest of the table decoration is dominated by silver. With a spraying paint many things can be changed in seconds.

Tray for Christmas decorating – With natural materials and Christmas ball in silver

A tray of natural materials, such as braid, is perhaps the best solution if your home is decorated in the country style and you want a decoration in silver. The metallic nuances fit more to the simple, modern decor than to the comfortable cottage. Nevertheless, Christmas balls and Christmas decorations in silver are made of real glass with metal pendants, which look absurdly rustic and used and can be wonderfully inserted into the rural ambience.

Chic, noble Christmas decoration for the table – metallic shimmer

Ceramics, the surface of which is specially shimmered, produces a similar effect to the silver tray and can be combined with metallic colors. Look for the rest of the items so that they are designed exclusively in silver, gold or copper. Place containers of glass or porcelain with a reflective surface. Do not forget the lights, as the glimmer comes into its own.

Vintage tray decorated in silver, brass or copper for Christmas

Vintage is currently trendy in fashion, but also in design. Old objects with traces of use, which show past stories, serve as highlights, which give individual touch to the spatial design. Well-preserved pieces are sure to be found at the flea market, but newly produced items would have a very successful look.

Round tray of noble materials for Christmas decoration

Brass is next to silver another material quite popular for the manufacture of trays. Smoothly polished brass reminds of old gold and is therefore very effective. Particularly well suited is a round messing tablet for festive table decoration for Christmas. From the same material there are plenty of other small objects suitable for the Christmas season. These are not cheap, but a timeless decoration that is also not easily damaged.

Create the mirror effect of the tray in silver with mirror and decorate it for Christmas

The effect of the reflective surface that a tablet creates in silver is easy to imagine with a mirror. The optical attraction is much larger, so the surface is perfectly smooth. Place objects made of glass or metal, which also reflect the light and thus provide a distinctive view on the Christmas table.