Ullswater, U.K.


The Lake District in the north west of the UK is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations. Anyone traveling in the 19 hectare national park in England should definitely make a detour to Ullswater.

The second largest lake in the Lake District is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Great Britain and is a popular destination – both for tourists and locals. Lake Ullswater is 14.5 kilometers long and 1200 meters wide and has an average depth of 60 meters.

Magical landscape and sleepy villages

The natural surroundings, almost untouched by tourism, are characterized by breathtaking landscapes and a few small, sleepy villages. A unique flora and fauna has developed in the region over the past few decades. There are also numerous ports for sailing boats around Lake Ullswater, as well as boat rental stations and diving schools. If you are on the Ullswater, you should take the time for a relaxing boat trip on the steamboat.


In addition to nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, those looking for relaxation and hikers will also get their money’s worth here. The 20-mile “Ullswater Way” leads around the popular body of water. The hiking trail is well signposted and leads once around Ullswater. In addition, a five-mile hiking route has been laid out in recent years. The Aira Force waterfall is one of the great attractions at Ullswater.

St. Peter Port

St. Peter Port is the most important port city of the second largest British Channel Island Guernsey and at the same time its capital. The population of this trading center is around 19,000. About a third of the entire population of the island lives there, which is why St. Peter Port is also a popular destination for tourists. In addition to English, French has become a second official language. The reason for this is the proximity to mainland France. The distance to France is much shorter than to British territory. If you are on a study trip or vacation in this region, then St. Peter Port is a place that you absolutely must visit.

The sights of St. Peter Port

Castle Cornet, located on the island of Cornet Rock in front of St. Peter Port, is a popular destination with tourists and offers a wonderful photo opportunity. If you are interested in the island’s eventful history, a visit to the Guernsey Museum is an excellent idea. The La Vallette Underground Military Museum also deals with history, but focuses on the military past. You can also find out more about the German occupation during the Second World War here. The home of French writer Victor Hugo, who lived here between 1856 and 1870, is also a popular destination.

The harbor at St. Peter Port

Here you can observe the tide differences closely, as they are large here. Ships can only approach the interior of the port during floods. When the tide is out, many of the fishing trawlers and pleasure craft are on dry land. Sailing and cruise ships are also temporarily anchored here. Due to its excellent location, you will find many boat connections here. There is a regular ferry service to the neighboring island of Jersey. You can also easily reach the islands of Herm, Sark and Alderney. Ships and ferries also head for mainland Britain. The ship route ends in Portsmouth. Saint-Malo in France is also a port of destination that you can reach from here.

Snowdonia National Park

Rugged mountains, green pastures and striking coastlines

Snowdonia National Park is on the west coast of Great Britain and covers 823 square kilometers of diverse landscapes. Over 26,000 people live here. In addition to being the largest national park in Wales, Snowdonia is also the highest mountain in England and Wales. The area is full of culture and local history, with over half the population speaking Welsh. Snowdonia attracts thousands of visitors each year who enjoy the breathtaking scenery and numerous outdoor activities. The goal of the National Park Authority is to preserve and improve the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the region. Snowdonia has become one of the UK’s most popular outdoor activities. People visit the park from all over the world,

Sights and activities

Snowdonia is a great place to go on foot and has a network of trails for hikers of all levels. Whether someone wants to try the challenge of climbing Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, or prefer one of the leisurely strolls along the coast, a guaranteed breathtaking and varied landscape is guaranteed. Snowdonia with its rugged mountain peaks, wide sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes and rivers offers the visitor many attractions, from underground audiovisual tours to farm tours and narrow-gauge railways through breathtaking landscapes to adventurous white water rafting. Regardless of whether interested holidaymakers are staying for a day or a fortnight, there is always something to see or do.

Ullswater, U.K.