Wall Design in Concrete Optics for a Trendy and Stylish Interior Design

Who on concrete look is, this type of wall design will create especially modern and interesting spaces. The wall design in concrete look is undoubtedly a trend and fascinates not only fans of minimalism, but also attracts other in their spell. The simple, gray and neutral wall color of the concrete allows combining not only with any other colors, but also with other living styles.

We have put together some interesting ideas for the wall design in Betonoptik, which can once again illustrate this and serve as inspirations if you would like to design your rooms in this way.

Wall design in concrete optics in the kitchen

The wall design with concrete is suitable for any room. First, we have some kitchens in which the concrete wall paints are particularly attractive. Since the wall design in concrete optics can be combined with any color, in this case you can also choose the kitchen in any color. In this case, a minimalist country house design in white color serves to decorate the kitchen.

Wall design in concrete optics for a minimalist design

Different materials and surfaces were chosen in this house for the kitchen and the living area in the general. The wall design in concrete optics is combined with wood and laminate as well as with fine, white marble. The result is an elegant and simple design for the interior, which surely makes many hearts beat faster.

Concrete and steel

The wall design in concrete optics also looks very elegant when combined with steel. In the kitchen, this can be achieved with the aid of a worktop or a steel kitchen wall. For the walls, two nuances of the color gray were selected, while the kitchen cabinets were white and thus fit perfectly to the bar chairs.

Wall design Living room in concrete

A wall design in concrete optics is also very good in the living room. The neutral color can be used to emphasize certain furniture or decorations in contrasting colors. In this example, the roof slope also ensures a certain degree of flexibility. The area below was chosen to make an accent.

Wood and concrete

Wood is a wonderful material, which in combination with a wall design in concrete optics can be particularly effective. With Holz, you can partly dress the walls, shape the ceiling or the floor. The furniture can also be chosen in a suitable wood color to ensure a harmonious interior.

Accent wall design

If whole walls are gray in too much, you can also highlight any wall in this way. The wall design in concrete optics takes only a small area of ​​the wall and is framed by a white wall. The accent wall replaces a living wall and ensures a certain variety in the living room.

Different styles

As already mentioned, a wall design in concrete optics is also a wonderful way to create a mix of styles in any room. The gray, modern wall is combined here with a vintage chandelier as well as elements of the art decoration. For color, you can wall-mount with pictures or photos and other wall decorations.

Concrete in shabby chic style

Design some Shabby elements by choosing a wall design in concrete optics for this purpose. Such a design of the wall can be made extra or simply achieved by removal from the plaster. As you can see, you can even design the concrete optics in some cases without special experience.

Concrete and wall paneling

Very interesting is the idea of combining the wall design in concrete with a wall paneling. The result is an interesting mix of the modern and elegant vintage style, which radiates a special charm. In this example, there is an interesting mix of different wood colors that make the bedroom a real eye-catcher.

Monochrome bedroom

If you like the monochrome furnishings, you can create a perfect foundation with a wall system in concrete optics. In the above example, the wall design was combined with a gray wooden floor and a gray leather bed, creating a modern bedroom with color accents only in the shape of a wall painting.

Wall design in concrete optics in dark gray

The wall design in concrete optics can now be chosen in different grades. In addition, concrete can also be painted without problems. This bedroom has dark walls, while ceiling and floor are brighter. The furniture also consists of light wood. The rustic wooden door is undoubtedly an eye-catcher.

Bedroom with floating bed

Apart from the wall design in concrete optics, the choice of furniture is modern and impressive. The bed in suspension optics was installed in a niche. All in all, only a few furniture were used for a minimalist flair. Instead of a dressing table, for example, only a poured mirror with a stool adorns one of the walls.

Brown leather

Brown leather is a wonderful material when it comes to the combination of colors and materials with the wall design in concrete optics. In this bedroom both the bed and a chair are made of brown leather and complement the concrete walls in their role as an eye-catcher wonderful. A decent carpet on the one hand makes for comfort, but does not fall into the eye too much.

Freestanding bed

In a large bedroom, the bed can also be free to create a modern and interesting ambience. The wall design in concrete optics serves as an interesting framework for the white bed. The combination of white and gray is sympathetic. In addition, the vintage design of the bed provides the necessary comfort.

Concrete in a house in Bauhausstil

What used to be unattractive (the appearance of the concrete) is now becoming more and more the first choice for interior furnishing. As with any other wall design, the advantage is that the wall design in concrete optics is suitable for every type of furniture. Design some partitions in the living room to separate the dining area visually from the living room.

Tiles in natural stone optics

You can also design the interior with a wall design in concrete optics and a floor made of natural stone tiles or imitate the natural stone. If the latter consists of a contrasting color, a beautiful interplay is created, which can also be upgraded with an interesting lighting and matching furniture and decorations.

Concrete in board optics

When pouring the concrete, you can provide a wide range of different patterns. So this variant, where walls and ceilings look as if they were made of gray wooden boards, is no problem at all. In this way, on the one hand, the natural appearance of wood and, on the other hand, a clean wall design in concrete optics.

Original staircase

You can see that the wall design in concrete optics can also be combined with natural materials. In addition to modern wooden steps, a wall of natural stones also decorates this staircase. The concrete wall serves as a room divider and support for the steps. A lot of light is important when using concrete, in order to maintain a bright ambience despite the dark material.

Wall design in concrete optics for the bathroom

Use wall tiles instead of tiles in the bathroom in concrete optics. Combined with the white washbasin and the white toilet, an elegant interior is created. Concrete can also receive patterns, which creates interesting textures in the room. Concrete is a versatile material that should not be underestimated.