Westwing Guide for Aluminum Luminaire

Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminum is a versatile metal, applied in the creation of infinite accessories and utensils, especially in the universe of construction, interior design and decoration. In addition to its important chemical properties, the material is coated with oxide, which guarantees protection, beauty and durability. Innovative pieces, such as the aluminum luminaire, are born every day to prove that the use of the raw material goes beyond the creation of good pans.

Among the numerous advantages and qualities of an aluminum luminaire, versatility figures as the main. This is because the piece offers several decorative possibilities and lighting effects, thanks to its various models, formats and functions. Westwing, Brazil’s largest home-buying and decorating club, is well aware of the benefits of the aluminum luminaire.That’s why we have created this unique page, so you can choose the one that best matches your lighting project. Enjoy!

Different Types Of Aluminum Luminaire

Reduce or enlarge spaces; change the intensity of colors, prints and coatings; leaving the environments more sober and welcoming or cheerful and outstanding. These are some of the functions of an aluminum luminaire, able to compose the rooms in a way that not only illuminates but also adorns.

Among the several models available today in the market, the most common are:

Pendant luminaires: Also called pendants only, they are usually brushed aluminum luminaire type and give an elegant and industrial touch to décor.Its shapes vary in oval, cylindrical and conical, while the most common colors are chrome, silver, white or black.

Table lamp: modern and versatile, this type of aluminum luminaire usually remembers a delicate robozinho, for its bold and innovative design.Generally presents straight lines and articulated structure, in addition to versions with “claw” for attachment to the furniture. Remember that thelamp can also be considered an aluminum table lamp.

Floor lamp: some of its models are very similar to table lamps and lamps , others resemble the so-called beacon. The difference is in its larger size, since the piece is placed directly on the floor. Its advantage is that it can be taken anywhere and not interfere with electrical wiring or require cuts in the ceiling.

Washer: popular because it is exclusively a wall lamp , it has a delicate and flexible look, which can be used in different spaces. Its most common models are white or chrome and with milky glass for lamp protection, but there is also turtle type or cast aluminum luminaire .

Recalling that recessed and overlapping spots, ceilings and chandeliers can also be considered aluminum luminaires.

DÉCor Ideas

Regardless of the type of aluminum luminaire chosen, it allows the user to cause the most varied effects and luminosities in different proportions. This happens thanks to the lamps with which each of its models adapts, among them the LED lamp , fluorescent and halogen. The versatility of an aluminum luminaire is also in the various forms as it makes up the décor and in the amount of environments that it is able to illuminate. Washers and spots, for example, are great fixtures for bathroomand bedroom, as they provide warmth and can be used to focus on specific walls or objects.

An LED table lamp is ideal for home offices and offices, while the floor lampgives a certain charm to a side table in the living room and the pendants are wild to the dining room. Did you see how an aluminum luminaire makes a difference in a house? Choose yours!

Westwing: The Extraordinary World Of Your Home!

The lighting is a major factor when it comes to decorating a home. Through it we emphasize in an environment or occasion the main function of it.Living rooms, for example, have a wider illumination than rooms, which are usually more intimate. Already the reading corner demands a more direct luminosity than the kitchen, which requires good illumination throughout the space due to the preparation of food.

Westwing helps you choose your aluminum luminaire. They range fromlamp, pendant and washer to chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps. Just register to stay inside all our curatorships. Get Inspired!