6 Ways to Use the Sideboard in the Decor

Perhaps its initial function was to assist at the table, giving an extra support, but today the use of the trimmers goes far beyond this functionality, being used in different environments of the house. Check out some ideas of how to use this piece of the most diverse forms: 1 – IN THE DINING ROOMS The • Read More »

Wardrobe: Learn to Organize

Have a wardrobe tidy and organized seems simple and easy, but you know how to do this with yours? Organize the wardrobe may seem obvious and simple, but believe me, there are several tips that can help you to have even more internal space and also to help find things more easily. What you need, before • Read More »

Learn What Is Worth Doing in a Rented Apartment

There are viable options and well fun to turn your rented apartment with your guy A rented apartment, typically, ends up not having very much of our guy. This is for several reasons: the owner does not want to change anything of the taste of him, the tenants feel that the money will be thrown away, • Read More »

Roast Chicken: 4 Ways Delicious to Prepare

The lunch of the weekend will have a special taste with these 4 recipes for roast chicken, from simple to stuffed, just pick the one that most want to do. For being a white meat, and lean, in addition to a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, chicken is considered a great option to include • Read More »

5 Recipes with Gum Tapioca Must-See

To get the best out of gum tapioca, we chose some recipes that make any one satisfied. More healthy or less, all worth. From cheese bread to a healthy up to an idea to make pizza, the gum tapioca is the star of several delicious recipes, healthy and easy to practice for any time of the day.

Cement Floor Burning

The burnt cement floor gives a rustic finish, which can be sophisticated and very beautiful. Cement Floor Burning Often old techniques are once again a great choice when it comes to decorating. This is the case of burnt cement , much used in houses in the interior of Brazil. It reappears in a creative way decorating floors, walls and ceilings, • Read More »

Neufert – The Art of Designing in Architecture

I have received many questions about indications of books for students of architecture, the beginning of the year and very freshman worrying about the materials to be purchased at the beginning of the year, and people really is a lot of material the same, poor thing from the wallet at these times. But, if you’re looking • Read More »

Set the External Lighting of the Condo!

A good lighting design is essential to ensure safety and comfort to the residents and visitors in the condominium. For defining the functionality, decoration and economy in planning is necessary to choose the right products and know how to use them according to the functionality of the environment, in addition to understanding how they work, mainly • Read More »

Decoration of Room: Creative Tips From an Architect!

Hello all well? Check out the following post that I’ve prepared about the decoration of the room and immerse yourself in this incredible selection of photos of rooms decorated! The living room is the cosy atmosphere, it is in him that we receive the friends and family, it is also in the living room that we • Read More »

Winter Garden – Plants, Photos, and Tips for Cultivation

Long time I not do a post about landscaping and gardening, but today I am inspired and I decided to bring a little bit of my inspiration to you, ready this special article about winter garden. Even here in Brazil, where the majority of the regions have favorable climate for the gardens outside, there is • Read More »

How to Clean Windows Without Leaving Stains

With the arrival of summer it is time to open the curtains and allow the sun to enter. At this time we note the importance of maintaining the power of the home clean so that the appearance is appropriate. For many people this task can be one of the most complicated, but if we use the • Read More »

10 Architecture Books That You Need to Know

Even before finishing high school I knew that I wanted to choose a profession in a creative, I had 2 passions, architecture and design, it was very difficult to decide which profession pautaria the rest of my life, but after much searching I chose to be an architect. While I was researching I went to • Read More »

Carrefour ECO Bulb Halo 116W

Consumption: 116W (measured 129W) Energy rating: D Equivalence: 150W Lumens: 2135 lm Color: 2900K Adjustable: Yes Dimensions: 55 x 96 mm Duration: 2000 hours (50000 ignitions) Price: €1.70. Origin: Carrefour (France)

Cement Floor Burned: The Complete Guide

Darlings of architects and many clients interested in a floor resistant, practical, flexible, and inexpensive, the cement floor burned comes snapping hearts and coating different kinds of homes and environments! With a touch of rusticity by the variation of the colors and the “craqueladinhos” that appear in the expansion of the concrete, the cement floor • Read More »

5 Secrets to Improve Condo Management

Being the trustee of a condo is not a task for anyone. It takes care of the maintenance of the building, control the finances, issue reports, manage people and various tasks. In addition, it is important to listen to the demands of the residents and turn them into actions that benefit everyone. In order to achieve good • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper

Decorating in the home is the best time for many people and wandering in the hand can now be a fatal mistake. If you want to leave your home with a relaxing and cozy air to use wallpaper instead of ordinary paint is a great choice. It does not leave scent or residue and you can play • Read More »

Errors When Cleaning the House

Housewife suffers. It’s the same job every day: sweeping, dusting, stuffing in the right place, washing dishes, ironing cloths on the floor … Phew! It’s work that does not end. But have you ever wondered if you do it the right way? Have you ever stained any furniture or the floor of the house because you used the wrong • Read More »

Using Posters in Decoration

In the old days, only classic portraits, paintings, and paintings were a priority on a wall. If the family were traditional and with great possessions, larger and more ornate were the frames. Time passed and the walls began to divide space with different icons, also produced with different materials: replicas of great paintings, high resolution photos • Read More »

Decorate Walls with Mirrors

There is a special trick to enlarging small and narrow rooms: use mirror sheets on the walls. To have the expected sense of amplitude and illusion of depth, it is necessary that the piece has a considerable size and covers a good area. The use of small mirrors creates only one detail and does not increase the • Read More »

Living Room – How to Decorate?

Do you need to renovate the living room? Renovate the furniture? Change everything? Or just tired of the colors of your environment? Let’s give some tips for you to decorate your living room without losing your personality, in addition to offering more comfort to your environment. Firstly, to decorate a living room there are indispensable items, see below the • Read More »