How to Get to Panama

Panama arrival

Airplane: the national airline of Panama National is called COPA (Compania Panamena de Aviacion).
According to historyaah, Iberia flies from Spain (Madrid) to the capital Panama City, from Vienna and Zurich there are no direct flights to Panama, from Miami (USA) there are direct flights.

Airpass : With the All America Airpass you can travel flexibly to Latin and North America. 30 airlines, which fly 2000 routes, take part in this Airpass.
There is no minimum number of flight coupons purchased with the All America Airpass; the airlines, routes and stops can be combined as desired.
There is no minimum stay, the Airpass is valid for a maximum of one year. The permitted length of stay is 90 days after using the first flight coupon. The flight must be reconfirmed 72 hours before departure. Flight days and flight numbers can be changed, but rerouting is not possible.
The routing must already be determined when purchasing the Airpass, a description of this route and rerouting are not possible, nor is a refund of the purchase price possible after the start of the journey. The pass can be canceled before the start of the journey, but this is subject to a fee.
The All America Airpass is only sold to people who are permanently resident outside the Caribbean, Canada, USA, Mexico and Central and South America. Possible airport taxes are paid locally.

Airports: Tocumen International Panama City (PTY) Airport is located 27 km northwest of the city. Buses and taxis run from the airport to the city center, and rental cars are also available.

Ship: the Panama Canal, which is extremely important for shipping, connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean. The two most important ports of Panama are Balboa (at the mouth of the canal to the Pacific, named after the Spanish conquistador and discoverer of the Pacific, Vasco Nunez de Balboa) and Christobal (at the mouth of the canal to the Atlantic). Other important ports in the country are Colon Cruise Port and Fort Amador.
Numerous ships call at Panamanian ports, including passenger and cruise ships. Cruise companies that offer stops in Panama include Royal Caribbean International, Celebrety, American Canadian and Princess.

Rail: There are currently no train connections between Panama and the neighboring countries.

Car: The Panamericana stretch extends from Costa Rica to Panama. The border region to Colombia is currently very unsafe. The risks, especially in the Darien province, are high. You are warned against staying in the province. Despite the information on the map to the contrary, there are no roads, only footpaths to Colombia.

Buses of the company Ticabus drive from Panama to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras.

Panama entry requirements

is a general requirement for traveling to Panama. The passport (or the temporary passport) must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry. When arriving by plane, you must be able to show a return ticket or an onward ticket to a neighboring country.

Visa :
Citizens of EU countries (except Bulgaria and Romania) and Switzerland do not need a visa for tourist and business trips with a maximum stay of 180 days in Panama.

Entry with children :
Every child needs their own travel document. The same visa requirements apply to accompanying children as to their parents. This means, among other things, that the children’s travel documents must also be valid for at least 6 months upon entry.

Germany: the German children’s passport is accepted.

Austria: children need their own passport.

Switzerland: children need their own passport.

Adequate Funds:
Foreign visitors must have sufficient funds to travel to Panama.

Extension of stay :
If you are staying in Panama for more than 180 days or want to travel to Panama for non-tourist purposes (internship, volunteer work), please contact a Panamanian diplomatic mission before you travel.


You can find detailed information on recommended and required vaccinations for traveling in Panama in the chapter Panama – Health and Diseases.

Entry with pets:
Each passenger is allowed to bring a maximum of two birds into Panama (but not from Mexico). The birds are quarantined for 15 days. An import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and a health certificate are required to import birds.
A rabies vaccination certificate (at least 30 days and no more than 16 months old) and a health certificate are required to import cats and dogs. These documents must be approved by the responsible consulate in Panama. Cats and dogs are quarantined for 40 days when they are imported into Panama. However, the Panamanian Ministry of Health can also approve quarantine in the home country.

How to Get to Panama