5 Must for Tourists in Cala’n Bosch

The captivating resort of Cala’n Bosch is located on the south coast of Menorca. It is well known for its beautiful marina which is perfectly located in a naturally fenced harbor with a canal leading to the sea. Most visitors are attracted by the incredible beaches, but the resort also has much more to offer. Now we’ll look at five must-haves that you must not miss as a tourist.

1. Take a bike ride

The area around Cala’n Bosch does well by bike and the island of Menorca has very attractive nature. There is a trail called Cami de Cavalls which is suitable for the more adventurous who want to use mountain biking. Renting bicycles is no problem and they can usually be rented for anywhere from a few hours to several days. Apart from the wonderful nature experience, it never hurts to challenge yourself and improve your condition during the holidays. Compared to a car, more time is given to enjoy the surroundings, but it can be good to select some suitable cycle paths in advance.

2. Climb El Toro

On the south coast is the island’s highest mountain peak, El Toro. 358 meters above sea level may seem modest, but it gives a very nice view. There is a chance to discover other interesting places to visit. Among other things, you will find plenty of caves and ancient remains in southern Menorca. Most nature reserves have suitable hiking trails for those who want to get closer on foot. Be sure to bring enough fluids on hot summer days.

Swim on Cala’n Bosch Beach

According to Homosociety, Cala’n Bosch beach is deeply protected inside a bay, which means that the problems are not as big with waves and currents. The sand is white and fine-grained. The water around Cala’n Bosch is almost crystal clear and is well suited for those who want to dive or snorkel. The other large beach near Cala’n Bosch is called Son Xoriguer. The difference is that it is less protected, but otherwise it has similar sand and is about the same class. There are toilets and showers adjacent to the beaches. If you are ready to go for a walk, there are also many other good beaches on the south coast.

4. Enjoy dining experiences

Good food and drink are easy to find in one of Cala’n Bosch’s restaurants. The focus is often on the local Menorcan food, which is often inspired by sea delicacies such as seafood. A tip is Mr Jaume where the house’s specialty is mussels. If you prefer Italian cuisine, you can visit Capriccio Italiano, which has a nice view of the harbor and many affordable dishes. Spanish tapas are also never wrong and then the restaurant Las Tapas fits like a glove.

5. Canoe or go on a boat trip

Cala’n Bosch is an excellent destination for those who want to explore the south coast of Menorca by canoe or catamaran. They are available for rent to tourists and give more freedom to get further away from the beaches. For those who do not want to paddle or sail themselves, it is best to book one of the boat trips that are usually arranged in the harbor. They usually take a couple of hours and usually blow quite nicely if you have had enough of the beach when the sun is at its hardest.

5 must for tourists in Cala'n Bosch