Los Angeles Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a giant city and of course offers a variety of sights and attractions. Of course, neither the United States nor Los Angeles are traveling to see a city full of ancient history. Here you travel for shows, theme parks and pop culture. And there is not much that stands out about what you will experience here of just that.

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Hollywood Walk of Fame

The world’s most famous sidewalk runs along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, with over 2300 stars dedicated name from the entertainment industry. Almost every month a few new ones are added. In total, the Walk Of Fame is well over five kilometers, so don’t rely on getting everything in minutes. Perhaps the most famous stars are Elvis outside of 6777 or the Beatles outside of 7051?

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is today a state-of-the-art and fashionable cinema that opened in 1927. It looks like a huge Chinese pagoda, and is the place where movie stars come to world premiere.

Outside are the hand and footprints of 200 movie stars and movie characters such as Darth Vader and Donald Duck. Grauman’s is of course located in Hollywood, specifically 6929 Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign has become a landmark that is recognized, copied and parodied around the world. These nine letters of 15 feet have been on Mount Lee since 1923. Originally, Hollywoodland was in letters of three. In 1978, nine people, including Hugh Hefner and Alice Cooper, sponsored one letter each to produce the steel sign.

Hollywood Wax Museum

At the Hollywood Wax Museum you can meet vivid copies of Marilyn Monroe, Freddy Kreuger and Michael Jackson, among others. Here are also well-known props from major Hollywood films. Tickets cost about 90 NOK for adults and 40 for children up to 12 years. The museum is located at 6767 Hollywood Boulevard and is open every day of the year from 1000 to midnight.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center is a huge museum with four main sections: Greek and Roman antiques, French art, European paintings up to the 20th century and photographs from the beginning until today. Here is also a huge garden with roses, tulips and cacti. The center is located in the 1200 Getty Center and is open from 1000 to 1800, and to 2100 on weekends. Free admission but closed Mondays.


If contemporary art is more on your street, head to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in downtown. The MCA is open Thursday through Monday from 1100, entry around 50 NOK. The address is 250 South Grand Avenue. The museum also has branches at 152 North Central Avenue and 8687 Melrose Avenue.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is a great amusement park with many rides and attractions. It is located in Valencia north of Los Angeles. Opening hours, days and prices vary.

Six Flags Hurricane

The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park is just off Magic Mountain and has a number of wet attractions. Open from mid-May to late September.

Sunset Boulevard

Although movie stars working in Hollywood, lives, most of them in Bel-Air and Beverly Hills and Sunset Boulevard is the street that runs from the urban center Hollywood to the green exclusive residential areas.

Along this street are numerous attractions. Here is the Hyatt West Hollywood Hotel where Led Zeppelin rides motorcycles down the stairs, Club Whiskey a Go Go where the Doors, Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin have played, the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill where you will probably meet Motörheads Lemmy at the bar, Johnny Depps club The Viper Room where actor River Phoenix died outside, and hotel Chateau Marmont, where Blues Brothers star John Belushi died.

Note that this is not a street stub you can go from end to end, it starts in downtown and stretches over three miles to the Pacific Coast. You can focus on the section called The Sunset Strip, that is, between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This one is about two kilometers.

LA Zoo

LA Zoo is located in Griffith Park. The zoo, located in Griffith Park, which opened in 1966, is home to about 1,200 animals that live largely in natural surroundings. There is also a beautiful botanical garden with over 800 plant species. Open every day from 1000 to 1700. Entrance about 55 kroner, children half price.

Disney Land

The world’s most famous theme park is undoubtedly Disneyland, located at 1313 South Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim. Walt Disney opened the park in 1955, and since then it has only grown. The park has four branches; Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland, and of course all the merry-go-rounds and roller coasters you could want.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Hollywood has become Los Angeles’s second largest attraction, after Disneyland. This is not only a movie studio, but also a full amusement park with Hakke Hakkspett as a figurehead and many movie-related attractions such as Jurassic Park, Blues Brothers, Shrek and Simpsons. Open all days.

The address is 100 Universal City Plaza. Be prepared for a long queue, so it pays to buy tickets in advance.

Tourist in Los Angeles

If you do not have a car available or do not have a certificate, then it is an idea to join an organized sightseeing tour to bring you the highlights of Los Angeles. The city is too big for it to have any point in trying to get around on foot.

Los Angeles has a well-developed network of public transport, but you can easily spend half a day getting from A to B and probably have to change lanes or buses along the way.

Day 1 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Attractions 2

Few American hotels have breakfast included in the room rate, so the first entry on the program will be to find a diner that can get you off to a great start to the day.

California is not exactly known as the fine culture stronghold, but at The Getty Center you can almost get the impression of just that.

The Getty Center is a huge museum with four main sections: Greek and Roman antiquities, French art, European paintings up to the 20th century and photographs from the early beginnings of photography to the present day. Here is also a huge garden with beautiful roses, tulips and cacti. The center is located in the 1200 Getty Center and is open from 1000 to 1800, and to 2100 on weekends. Free admission but closed Mondays.

Then you set the course for the district that has become synonymous with Hollywood, Hollywood. You will be able to see, from a long distance, the iconic Hollywood sign with 15-foot-high letters that has been guarding the Mount Lee area for over 80 years. If you’re a movie enthusiast, spend a few hours walking the legendary Walk Of Fame, which has more than 2,300 stars engraved on the sidewalks along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. But be aware that the entire stretch is around five kilometers, so you must surely put a break for lunch at one of the many eateries you pass.

The stars on the sidewalk represent artists from film, television, music and theater, and each month new star shots are included. With a little luck and planning, you can actually attend a dedication ceremony, where the protagonist himself is always present.

If you haven’t had enough of Hollywood stars after this effort, you should know that you will surely come across guided tour providers where you will be driving around Hollywood and Beverly Hills and showing the movie star houses. And you get the opportunity to take a picture of the strictly guarded gate, for example. Sylvester Stallone or Ozzy Osbourne.

Or, you can head a little further down Hollywood Boulevard to the Oriental-looking Grauman’s Chinese Theater, which is a state-of-the-art, fashionable cinema that opened in 1927. It looks like a huge Chinese pagoda, and is the ultimate cinema where the movie stars arrive at world premieres and Oscar awards have been held.

As is well known, all hand and footprints are outside of 200 movie stars, from Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin to Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Depp. A little more surprising might be to find the prints of Darth Vader and Donald Duck.

Outside the movie, you will probably be contacted by “look alike” editions by Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Gandalf who offer you a photo of yourself with them for a small sum of money.

Right at Grauman’s is the huge Hollywood & Highland Center, which is an entertainment complex of over 36,000 m², with hotels, eateries and at least 75 stores. This is also where every movie fanatic’s Mecca, Kodak Theater, where the Academy Awards are awarded each year.

And once you are here, you can enjoy dinner here as well. For example, try the famous The Grill, which specializes in American cuisine, ie, steak steaks and other barbecue, but also seafood or chicken dishes. If this sounds too heavy, you will find Italian, Japanese or Mediterranean restaurants inside the center.

And if you’re still not ready for a trip back to the hotel, you have two nightclubs inside the Hollywood & Highland Center, either Level 3 or the exclusive The Highlands, which with its balconies offer fabulous views of the Los Angeles Cave.

Day 2 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Attractions

Today we concentrate on what is guaranteed to be the highlight for those who are a bit childish and / or young at heart. Disneyland Park is undoubtedly the world’s most famous amusement park, and it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005. Today it has received its graduates in Florida, France, Japan and Hong Kong.

The trip from Los Angeles to Anaheim, where Disneyland Park is located, can take a few hours if you do not have a car available, so plan your trip in advance. There is a jungle of different tickets, and the cheapest one-day ticket per July 2008 is $ 66, or about $ 340.

The amusement park itself is over 344000 m², but is still only part of the larger Disneyland Resort complex. This includes several hotels, Downtown Disney’s shopping, dining, and entertainment district and the recently announced Disney’s California Adventure theme park, which explores California’s history and culture.

If you have not been here before and only have this day available, we recommend that you drop Disney’s California Adventure and concentrate on Disneyland Park itself.

At the entrance you are greeted by long queues and a sign with the text ” Here you leave the present and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy “. And yes it feels that way too.

Here you encounter Mikke, Donald and Langbein, and the park is divided into different areas with different themes. You have, among other things, the western landscape of Frontierland, Mikkes Toontown based on the movie Who tricked Roger Rabbitt ?, the futuristic Tomorrowland, and New Orleans Square which imitates Lousiana’s capital in the 19th century.

Here are also two of the park’s most popular attractions; the creepy ghost house Haunted Mansion and the joyous Pirates of the Caribbean, which you probably know from the movies of the same name.

Inside the park area, there are, of course, countless eateries, from snack bars to fine dining, so you don’t starve to death. Please note, however, that no alcohol is served inside the park, then you must then go to Downtown Disney, where you also have free admission.

Venice Beach

If a day in Disney’s world is not tempting, we suggest you visit one of the region’s beaches. Venice has a beautiful beach with plenty of sights and eateries nearby and you can easily spend a whole day here. Surfing has become California’s unofficial national activity, so if you’ve never tried it, sign up for a beginner’s course.