Dietrich, White Induction of Vanguard

Although avant-garde design the ultimate is not, even though it may appear so, in the white color the vitroceramic glass, not very common in the hobs that almost always we see in black, but which already markets some time along with the steel in this as in other brands.


Simplehuman: Your Trash Bags without Problems

The lower part of the appliance is the perfect place to put the garbage bag, Thus you will always be at hand, comfortably and will not occupy space, but this already is quite comfortable that put typical bucket in a corner can be even more convenient with this proposal of SimpleHuman.


We Play to The Kitchenettes?

Lack of space is one of the major problems of our homes. Many times there are no hollow or for a kitchen, indispensable element in our life. So od presenting Single Person Cooker, a kitchenette that seems toy.


White, Sink That Disappears

We saw in the rock news for 2008 in the kitchen than the sinks with different types of buckets, as well as cutting boards that overlap and other accessories destined to optimize space occupied, they are becoming more frequent in all brands, like Frecan, Teka, Franke or this white that we showed today belonging to Blancostatura series.


Tips for Saving at Home: Better Use of The Oven

The use of increasingly more appliances It is also responsible in part that increasingly consume more resources in our homes. Think anyone say we should stop using the oven, the microwave or refrigerator to save, but yes it is true that when we use these devices in the right way we can save much of the energy […]


Paper Painted Child Casadeco

You’re thinking about ideas for your kids room color and are bored of the traditional tones? Give an original touch to these and introduce a breath of fresh air in this child space thanks to the effect of wallpaper.


Taking Advantage of The Corners of The Kitchen

We already know that there are corner sinks, plates, cooking corner, even refrigerators of corner. And of course modules of special furniture to take advantage of them with removable or rotating carriages. But the truth, did not believe existed also corner drawers, as these top that teach us today at Apartment Therapy.