Learn How to Illuminate Environments without Error

A great interior design project is coupled with an excellent lighting plan.To properly illuminate the environments, the first step is to make an analysis of their functions, style of activities to be performed, objects to be highlighted and desired climate.Subsequently, you need to decide the type of lighting and finally choose the correct lamps and • Read More »

Wedding List Fast Shop

How You Can Create Your Wedding List In The Fast Shop Store Are you going to get married and want to put your wedding list in certain stores?But you do not know how to do that?Here are some tips on how to make your wedding list without mistakes and choose the right stores that have the items you want.

Vacheron Constantin: Overseas World Clock

Display of all 37 world time zones on three superimposed dials Vacheron Constantin completes its new overseas collection, launched on the SIHH 2016, with a world clock that shows 37 time zones, including half-or quarter-hour deviations from UTC.

The Magic of Disney Can Inspire Your Crafts

This week our friend Victor-Vic left us all speechless with a cabinet made entirely of cardboard, whose originality lies in the design. And, as you can see, it is inspired by the world of Disney, and more specifically in one of their classics, the film beauty and the beast which child would not want to have something like this in your room?

Accessories in the Decoration – What and How to Use?

I have already mentioned here that the accessories and objects that we use to finalize the decoration of our house are the icing on the cake , but in fact it is more than that. It is in these objects that we show even more our personal taste, our history and we impress personality and warmth in our • Read More »

Escape the Obvious in the Baby Room Decor

During pregnancy many mothers if excite with the idea of decorating the nursery fleeing the obvious. However, few manage to get out of the traditional Pink for girls and blue for boys in choosing parts and paint the walls. Dark colors, such as Brown, red, blue and green, can be incorporated into the decor, as • Read More »

See the Advantages of Transforming a Room in Closet

A while ago thinking about having a closet at home was something of who had lots of money to spend, nowadays the environment wins more and more space, literally, in homes. The idea is to have a place exclusively for organizing clothes and accessories, leaving the room to become a clean and warm environment. Many people, • Read More »

Monster Birthday Party Decoration Hight: Tips and Photos

Navigation THE LITTLE BUGGERS MONSTER HIGH PARTY DECORATION Get inspired in the Monster High party decoration The Monster High invaded the store shelves and of the rooms with their doll collection inspired by horror monsters and pleasing the kids who wanted a different doll and to run away princess label. With its irreverent visual, the little buggers took • Read More »

Christmas Tradition: a Decorated Tree for the Feast

For many, it is the symbol of the most beautiful time of the year: the Christmas tree.According to the Federal Association of Christmas Tree Producers (BWS), 23 million pieces were sold all over Germany last year. Even from Saxon households, the evergreen growth at the end of the year can not be imagined.Around 30,000 trees • Read More »

5 Corners Easy to Make in Your Home Too

I lived 17 years in Caruaru. My parents’ House is simple. Is not too large and was erected for them. My father designed the project and sat the bricks together with my mom and a few more helpers hired. The decor has always been the responsibility of my mother and my ideas already were not, shall we say, very • Read More »

Tips on Adhesives for Infant Room

Can you imagine, transforming the children’s room in a super space of divinations, creative pranks? With the stickers for children’s room is possible!

Reviews and Ratings Klarus Xt11gt

A quick review of the Klarus XT11GT has already been done on our comparison of the best powerful torch lights. It is time to reveal the complete test of the Xl11GT by Klarus, a lamp that is particularly appreciated as the Fenix ​​PD35 or Lenser P7.2.

Bean Bag Ottoman Cube

The pouf shaped bag are revisited in a modern way of the much more traditional ottoman footrest cuboid. It is of complements which is primarily characterized by a consistent size. Smaller ones designed as comfortable footrest, huge, showy and soft, those designed as spacious seats as armchairs where the landlord can sit back and enjoy pleasant • Read More »

Glass Dining Table

The dining table is an important piece in the House, since in addition to being a place to feed is where gather family and friends for lunch, dinner and celebrate festive dates. If you need to pick a new dining table for your home and you still don’t know what you’re buying mobile, the glass tables are an interesting option. Besides • Read More »

Tiles: Change, Apply New about Former or Paint?

Various coatings can be applied on the ancient walls, but it takes attention to detail to prevent future headaches When it is time to change the look of the bathroom or kitchen tiles it is necessary to evaluate what is the most viable option to perform the new decoration: the painting of tiles, the placement • Read More »

Do It Yourself {Gummy Bear Flower}

In hindsight of a post today that is of the most accessed by here, the flower of gummy bear. A great option to decorate the party table or even to put on a mini vazinho and souvenir!

What Not to Do in the Garden, Porch Or Yard

And we will arrive in the garden, porch or yard, to remember those important details to which we must take care that the green is more beautiful, cozy, safe and comfortable!

Gift Ideas for Him for Valentine’s Day

Turn around the tables and give your loved one a little joy for Valentine’s Day. Something romantic or technical gameplay? Here you’ll find cool ideas that will make you happy with your loved one.

Make It Yourself – Decorating Tips!

This weekend was well spent for those who amended with Thursday’s holiday, did not they? I did a lot of things and I came here to show you the art that I prepared kkkk. Thursday I went to Paraguay (2 and a half hours from Campo Grande), I bought some picture frames to set up a panel • Read More »

Lighting Ideas for Garden

Illuminate its courtyard with style and effectively, it is possible! You are told how to do by listing the different lighting suitable for Garden Court, from lighting to decorative lighting space through lighting on the ground.